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Description of Check My Age

Check my age
is a biometric face detection and age estimation application. It uses world best Neurotechnology face recognition algorithms to find the age from the look of the face. It is one of most important advise for you to find how looks you are in different conditions. Check My Age can be used to estimate how old you look like in different occasions.
It will help you to improve your appearance. Estimated age provide you a hint to manage your mood
face important occasions in more pleasant look.
You can use Check My Age to find how old you look like in different places, with different dresses, with different hair styles, with different make ups and also when you are in different moods. It is important for you to find how old you look like in hot summer day time, cold winter time, after having a new make up or hair style.
Face beauty is important for you. You always want to manage face beauty. Your face appearance gives many benefits for you.
If you look older or younger, now you do not want to be worry about it. Check My Age helps you to find how old you look like from your face appearance.
You can use Check My Age result as a modern advice and take necessary actions to restore your face appearance. It can also help you to look younger as well. You can use face age prediction from Check My Age to find how old you look and take suitable steps to improve your face beauty and appearance.
You are also aware of the face beauty of your loved ones. You always compare how your face looks like with your friends faces. Check My Age can be used to compare how old the faces look like in group photos. It can find multiple faces in a picture and estimate age of faces.
It should be interested for you to compare how old you look like with your spouse face, girl or boy friend face, your school mate faces or your office friends.
It is easy to evaluate face photo and estimate age using Check My Age.
Take a face picture and send it to the face age estimation cloud service. It will send you the results after face detection and age prediction from the face photo.
It is so easy with the Check My Age application. You can quickly take selfie of your face or with your loved one faces and send to estimate age.
Check My Age can also estimate age of children and elderly people.
You can publish your pictures with age labels to your social network accounts. Check My Age can post the face picture with detected age labeled in the picture to Facebook and other social networks.
You should be happy to share your good moments with good face appearance.
Your estimated age tells about your happiness and your friends will enjoy it and provide you more comments.
Check My Age app can guess anyone's age. There are two options in Check My Age app to calculate age. Take selfie and send for age estimation is the most common face capture option. You can select face photo from gallery.

What's New with Check My Age

Updated internal libraries.


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  • avatar
    This app is good but all time they seeing slow network but i am rating this app of 2 stars i love this app
    2020-10-11 04:32
  • avatar
    Determines ri8 agee .. love this app😊😊
    2020-08-14 08:08
  • avatar
    I took 3 separate photos of myself. All 3 were guessed within 6 years of each other, and the 3 guesses actually averaged out to my true age. The variances also made sense, considering the different angles I chose and lines that were exposed on my face. Seems very accurate!
    2020-08-10 10:06
  • avatar
    It was very close. Attempting to receive a different result through multiple attempts is entertaining. This app even identified ages from photographs on the wall captured by mistake.
    2020-08-08 07:49
  • avatar
    Worst app I have ever downloaded it doesn't work I said I had no face?!?!?😂☹
    2020-08-07 12:06
  • avatar
    Useless app can't even detect faces in photos
    2020-07-04 08:00