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Dentora - Dental Radiology App
Learn how to read dental radiographic images and many important skills in dental radiology in interactive design.
Learn Anatomical landmarks on different radiographic techniques - Errors in radiographic imaging.
A- Anatomical normal landmarks:
Different radiographic techniques.
- Each one provided with:- (Diagram, X-ray image, Bone image, Interactive landmarks) for each type of radiographic images.
Types or techniques included in this education app are:
1- Periapical radiographs
- Maxillary incisors,canine,premolar and molars
- Mandibular incisors,canine,premolar and molars
2- Occlusal radiographs
- Maxillary topographs and Lateral views
- Mandibular cross section view
3- Panoramic radiographs
4- Cephalometric radiographs
- Lateral Cephalometric view
- Submentovertex view
- Sinus view
- Posteroanterior view
- Reverse towne view
- Lateral oblique mandible view
5- CT
- Coronal view
- Axial View
- Saggital view
B- Imaging errors:
- For each error dentora provides : (Image of the error - Error name - Description of appearance - Cause of error - Solution or how to avoid it)
- The errors categories that included in dentora are:
1- Intraoral technique errors (especially Periapical)
- Film placement errors
- PID errors
- Pt preparation errors
- Exposure factors errors
- Film handling errors
2- Processing errors
- Film handling errors
- Time and Temprature errors
- Chemical contamination errors
- Lighting errors
3- Panoramic technique errors
- Pt positioning errors
- Pt preparation errors
- Miscellaneous technique errors
C- Different quizzes:
You can test your self in practical exam style.
The quiz section in the app will give you 10 questions and you have to type answers of landmarks which you see, at the end of the quiz you will see the right answers and you can findout your result.
Each time you enter the quiz new question will appear to you because the questions are loaded randomly from hundreds of questions in the question bank.
So how many times you will enter quiz it will be a new experience for you, so you can be ready for your practical exam of to sharp your mind in the dental practical life.
Future development of Dentora:
- Adding arabic (in app languages).
- Imaging techniques section.
- Patient, dentist protection from x-ray section.
- Parts of x-ray and imaging devices.
- Developing of Dentora pro version (Which will include how to read or interpret the oral lesions on radiographic images).
- Developing of Dentora Quiz version (Which will contain all types of quizzes in x-ray that you might need).
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