Documentaries dinosaurs online

Documentaries dinosaurs online

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Welcome to your app to know the history of life and extinction of dinosaurs thanks to the best hd online documentary videos.
Dinosaurs were reptiles that lived in the Jurassic before there were human beings on Earth. They were oviparous, had four legs, and a hard and scaly skin. They inhabited the planet Earth for more than 150 million years, until its mysterious extinction. Among these reptiles were from ferocious murderers to tender herbivores. The dinosaurs presented diverse characteristics that endowed them for survival. The carnivores (T-Rex) had sharp teeth and claws adapted for hunting. Some herbivores reached enormous size.
According to the extinction of the dinosaurs occurred as a result of environmental changes. It is also believed that a huge asteroid or meteorite hit the planet Earth about 65 million years ago, or there was also a period of volcanic activity. The extinction of the dinosaurs was 65 million years ago, we can now see their skeletons or fossils in museums. The fierce carnivores with big claws and imposing fangs (T-Rex), the giant survivors and their long necks or thick armor can be seen downloading for free the documentary videos app of dinosaurs hd.
Download our free online documentary video of dinosaurs hd online and you can travel to an era (Jurassic) where gigantic prehistoric predators (T-Rex) with large teeth roamed at ease and dominated the Earth before its extinction. It would be awesome, right?
Both the T-Rex, as all the remaining dinosaurs, as the cause of its extinction are objects of fascination for large and small. We all want to know what was happening on our planet before the meteor that caused the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago in the Jurassic fell. Enjoy where you want from these free online documentary videos of the Jurassic.
The incredible hd online documentary videos are now exclusively for you, totally free, about the life, the fight, that each one was fed and the reason why the dinosaurs on the planet Earth are extinct.

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