Free Join 4G Voice VoLTE Call Guide

Free Join 4G Voice VoLTE Call Guide

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Guide for jlo4gvoice new.
?How to Use ,Jio4GVoice to Make Calls on ,Jio4GVoice Video call ,jio4gvoice update ,jio4gvoice 2019 ,Jio and AllYouNeed to Know. One, you could buy a new phone - here are ourtop.
How to download and setup ,Jio4GVoice app?
The steps given outline how to use the ,Jio4GVoice app. In thenextsection, we talk about whether you need to use it at all.Now ,Jio4GVoice is set up. You can use it as your dialler tocallsomeone or send them an SMS. How to make calls with ,Jio4GVoiceapp.
I've got a VoLTE phone, do I need ,Jio4GVoice app?
No, you do not. Just use your normal phone dialler to callpeople. ,Jio4GVoice has some additional features, but it's somethingyou caneasily ignore.
,Jio4GVoice allows you to send an SMS to your contacts, or tocallthem. You can also connect multiple users with a bridge call,whichis all stuff you can normally do. When calling someone, youcanalso press the urgent call button, which shows up on yourcontact'sphone so they know it's not just chit chat. While in acall, youcan also share your location, or share images, whichsounds useful,but is rarely used.
My phone has 4G but not VoLTE - do I need ,Jio4GVoice?
As you probably already know, you can't place calls on the ,Jio network, if your phone doesn't support the VoLTEstandard. MostSnapdragon powered 4G phones support VoLTE, and afair number ofMediaTek phones as well, so this is an unlikelycombination, but ifyou happen to fall into this group, then you'llhave to use ,Jio4GVoice to make calls.
It works exactly as described in the first part of this article,andalthough we felt that the ,Jio4GVoice dialler is a littleclunky,it's the only option you've got here.
I have a 3G phone, is ,Jio4GVoice for me?
If you got a 3G phone, then you can't use ,Jio directlyonyour handset.
Thankyou for being with us.

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