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"Inglês Phonological Quizzes" for Portuguese speakers: (Cabin Crew Module)
Our App it's a special tool to Train Your Aviation Inglês Listening.
"Inglês Phonological Quizzes" for Portuguese speakers are based in the "CSOC METHOD" (Controlled Suppression of Consonants). It's not a new method to teach Inglês, it is a very useful training tool for you que is already an Inglês speaker but still have some difficulty to understand native speakers Inglês from each part of the world.
This method is based on the formula used by sound system engineers to define the consonants loss in acoustical spaces (ref.1).
Why this way? Class room listening and talking one another in a good acoustic environment it's easy, but When It comes to understand in the real world, with words slurring (relaxed Pronunciation) and mumbling (lowering the voice or partially closing the mouth) with noises and so on , That is total different issue.
This method uses 3 levels of consonants loss:
-level Zero (L0) - With the loss (a good noise / sound relation and the reverberation).
-level One (L1) - Approximately 10% of consonants loss, produced electronically.
-level Two (L2) - Approximately 20% of consonants loss, produced electronically.
-> "PLEASE USE earphones / HEADPHONES"
Inside These levels you will practice a very important part of your listening training, keeping your mind connected to the real world. If you are able to understand L2 You Can Be Considered a good listener with a good comprehension level.
An Issue has 3 Quizzes with 6-8 questions. The estimated Training Time (Intermediate Level Inglês) is 30 minutes / Quiz. Prices with email-support included.
Linguistics Specialist - Aurea Tomio Teresa, for her assistance.
Bibliographical References:
1 Sound System Engineering - Don and Carolyn Davis, Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc.
================================================== ===============================
General information:
If your phone is a Motorola / Android_5.1 (Lollipop), making please contact us:
The texts used to generate audio to our Application "GoAbroad / Cabin Crew", whose main objective phonological training in the English language, so the "Go Abroad Training Studio" is not responsible for technical accuracy of these texts.
Terms of use:
Audio available in Application "GoAbroad" is owned by "Go Abroad Training Studio" and can not be recorded or transmitted in any form by any means.
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