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Guide angler

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Angler guide is your electronic guide and guide to a huge database of fishing knowledge. This is an important and useful information for fishermen, gathered in one place and conveniently located in the following directories:
Catalog of fishes
In this section of the guide angler you can get information about fish that live in your nearby water bodies, and in remote corners around the world. What fish eat, what habitats they prefer, what time they spawn, are the objects of Amateur and sports fishing, as well as many interesting facts about the behavior and catching different species of fish.
Manufacturers of fishing gear
It's no secret that the tackle manufacturers from around the world offer a variety of goods for fishing. The section of the guide will tell about the history of the famous fishing brands and help you choose the best quality and catchability tackle.
Fishing calendar
Experienced fishermen know that the bite of many species of fish tied to a particular time of the year. For example, the most successful carp fishing takes place in spring and the best time for catching perch and pike comes in the fall. Fishing calendar will help to plan your fishing time by month and not to miss the long-awaited feed.

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