Holy Quran App - Listen and Read

Holy Quran App - Listen and Read

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Lifestyle | 31.5MB | Update: 2018-12-22 | Version: 1.0 | Requires: Android4.1 or later

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9Apps supports free android apps apk download. 30,000+ users downloaded The Holy Quran latest version on 9Apps for free every week! One thing you need to know that this app is unique. This hot app was released on 2018-12-21. You can enjoy the most completed function of this app.
Our Quran app is one of the best apps you'll find in the app store to listen and read the Holy Quran.
The Holy Quran it's a Quran app for Android and it's free application for all Android devices, and the easiest way ever for streaming (HQ) High-Quality Quran MP3 files for a lot of reciters, and you can also download the files and have it always with you on your phone, so you can listen to the Holy Quran any time anywhere.
-Elegant interface
-Listen to Quran mp3 files Online (HQ)
-Listen to Quran mp3 files Offline ( you need to download the files)
-Download any Suraa you like at any time with 120 reciters from the best reciters in the world
-High-Quality Quran mp3 files online and offline
-Repeat and random buttons are available in our Quran app so you can listen to any surah all the time you want, or simply listen to the Holy Quran in a random way
-Listen to Quran Android in the background and keep using your phone and apps like always
-Touch only to play or open next surah/surah list
-Read the Quran in our special Quran reader which allows you
*Increase Font
*Decrease font
*Change the font from 20 from the best fonts
*3 modern themes (modern dark, classic dark, light)
Other features you will find in our Quran App:
-Hisn el-Muslim
Available reciters are over 100, most famous are:
Mohammed Al-Minshawi - Mujawwad
Ahmad Saud
AbdAlrahman alousay
Wadee Hammadi Al Yamani
Muhammad Salah Nafea
Ahmad Al-Shalabi
Majed Al-Zamil
Abdul-Aziz Alqaraani
Nemat Al-Hassan
Ayman Al-Deeb
Abdul-Mujeeb Benkeran
Abdul-Rahman Al-Awsi
Saleh Al-Taleb
Idrees Abkr
Mohammed Siddiq Al-Minshawi
Abdulwali Al-Arkani
Fahad Al-Kandari
Khalid Al-Jileel
Ibrahim Al-Jebreen
Mahmoud Al-Bana - Mujawwad
Abu Baker Al-Shatri
Ahmad Al-hawashi
Ahmad Al Ajmy
Abd Al Rahman AlSodes
Maher Al Mo'ekle
Mohammad Hassan
Sa'd Al Ghamdi
Yaser Al Dosary
Mishary Al-Afasi
Fares Abbad
Abd Albaset Abd Alsamad
Abd Albaset Abd Alsamad - Mujawad
Saud Shuraim
Ahmad Al-Musbahi
Ahmad Khader Al-Tarabulsi
Ahmad Saber
Ahmad Salamah
Ahmad No'ene'
Ahmad Muhammad Amer
Akram Al-Alakimi
Ibrahim Al-Akhdar
AlZain Mohammad Ahmad
Al-Dukali Muhammad
Al-Ashri Imran
Al Ouon Al-Kowshe
Elhan Tok
Yassin Reciter
Anas Al-Emadi
Basel Al-Rawi
Tawfeeq Al-Sayegh
Jamal Shaker Abdallah
Jaman Al-Osaimi
Hatem AlWaer
Khaled Abu-Shadi
Khaled Al-kahtani
Khaled Al-Mahna
Khaled Abd Al-Kafi
Khalifa Al-Toneje
Zaki Daghastani
Sahel Yassin
Sayed Ramadan
Shawqi Abd Al-Hameed
Sherzad Abd Al-Rahman
Saber Abd-Hakam
Salah Al-Budeir
Salah Al-Hashim
Salah Bu-Khatir
Adel Al-Kalbani
Adel Rayan
Abd Al-bare' Al-Thobeiti
Abd Al-bare' Mohammad
Abd Al-Rasheed Saufi
Abd Al-Wadood Haneef
Abd Al-Aziz Al-Ahmad
Abd Al-Aziz Nada
Abdallah besaghar
Abdallah Khayat
Abdallah Al-Juhani
Abdallah Al-Matrood
Abdallah Kamel
Abdallah Taha Serbel
Abu Al-Hasan Al-Kurdi
Abd Al-Muhsen Al-Harthi
Abd Al-Mohsen Al-Obeikan
Abd Al-Qasem
Ali Al-Huthaifi
Ali bin Al-Huthaifi
Ali Jaber
Ali Hajjaj Al-Suwaisi
Emad Zuhair
Fuad Al-Khamri
Hani Al-Rufai
Hussein Al-Sheikh
Kamel Jaballah
Omar Al-kzabri
Maher Shakhashero
Mohammad Ayoub
Mohammad Al-Barrak
Mohammad Al-Tabalawi
Mohammad Al-Lohaidan
Mohammad Al-Muhaisni
Mohammad Jebril
Mohammad Saleh Al-Aalam
Mohammad Abd Al-Hakeem
Mohammad Abd Al-Kareem
Mahmoud Al-Rufa'i
Mahmoud Al-Shaimi
Mahmoud Khaleel Al-hasri
Mahmoud Ali Al-Banna
Mostafa Ismael
Mostafa Al-Lahuni
Mostafa Al-Azzawi
Muammar Za
Moftah Al-Saltani
Meqdam Hadary
Musa Bilal
Nabeel Al-Rufa'i
Naser Al-Katami
Hani Al-Rufa'i
Waleed Idris Al-Munisi
Waleed Al-Na'ehe
Yaser Al-Qurashi
Yaser Al-Mazroo'e
Yaser Salamah
Yahya Ahmad Al-Hulili
Yahya Hawa
Yousef Al-Showe'e
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God bless you all

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