Indian/Hindu God Mantra

Indian/Hindu God Mantra

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There are hundreds of new apps released every week, 20,000+ users downloaded Mantras of all indian gods latest version on 9Apps for free every week! This will give an informative for the other crazy players. This hot app was released on 2019-03-16. You can also find some other similar apps here.
If you are looking to read or hear Hindu God Prayers or Mantras, you must try this
Indian/Hindu God Mantra
app. It includes a wide collection of mantras of Indian Gods. These mantras are really useful to help you get peace of mind and make your day beautiful and fortunate. This app works offline and is completely free with all premium features.
This Hindu God Mantra app can be really useful for devotees and meditation lovers to help them concentrate better with complete devotion. You can have all the mantras on a single app and use them when you want to recite these mantras. With the “Indian/Hindu God Mantra” app, you can enjoy all God mantras offline on all device types including tablets.
This is an application to help you with the Mantras you can’t remember or for those who do not like to recite Mantras alone or lose count in Japs. Use this app for your assisted recitation needs.our can also use the app to create a Jap of your own mantras that you have on your device.
If you hear Mantras of God, you will have peace of mind and your day will be beautiful and blessed with fortune. Indian God Mantra app also contains beautiful animation to select flower falling effect on God, Aarthi (or Aarti) to god and mix of all animation to get more good fortune and peace of mind while playing Mantra chant on the background. You can select Mantras chant count to 1,11,21,108,1001 or custom select your chant count as you like and get maximum benefit from the all the mantras using this app on your smartphone!
Each god chant will show changing God HD wallpapers while playing mantra at background and app will allows you to set as beautiful wallpaper.
With the app, you can set reminder to hear the mantras every morning or even set these god mantras as your ringtones. With this app, you can perform any kind of religious meditation.
With this app, you can change God Pictures, Set Reminders, Add Animation Effects, Set HD God wallpapers, Set Ringtones. You can also set some cool animations offering flowers to Hindu Gods while the mantra is chanting in the background or while you are doing Aarthi. App also allows you to mix all the animation with to get the maximum benefit from the mantra .
Following God Mantras are included in the app –
1. Shree Ganesh Mantra and ringtone
2. Hanuman Dada Chant and ringtone
3. Guru Mantra chant and ringtone
4. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra chant and ringtone
5. Guru Nanak Dev Mantra chant
6. Radhe Krishna chant
7. Om Sai Namo Namah
8. Hey Ram Namah
9. Lord Vishnu Mantra
10. Jay Shree Swaminarayan chant and ringtone
11. Gayatri Mantra chant
12. Krishna mantra chant
13. Sai Mantra chant
14. Om Namahshivay Mantra
15. Om chat
16. Lord Muruga mantra chant
- 100% free app with all premium features.
- Mantra and god description for each god.
- High Quality crystal clear mantra audio chant.
- Repeat Mantras 11,21,108,1001 and custom chant count as needed.
- Select Custom local audios files with count.
- Changing HD wall paper animation for each god while playing mantra chants.
- Animation effect to put flowers to god, show Aarthi and mix and match with all animation for each god while playing mantra.
- Set as wallpaper for each god, Set as Reminder, Set as Ringtone and share features
- Automatic stop and continue mantra chant during phone calls
- Easy access from notification screen to manage the play easily.
We are constantly working hard on making the app better and more useful for you. We need your constant support to get going. If you have enjoyed any feature of the “Indian/Hindu Gods Mantra” app, do not forget to rate us on play store. Also, do share this God Mantra app among your friends.
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