JED - Japanese Dictionary

JED - Japanese Dictionary

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Books & Reference | 794.6KB | Update: 2016-09-08 | Version: 0.5.5 | Requires: Android1.5 or later

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Dear Users,Please understand that although JED has always been intended to be ad free, I hoped I could benefit from the experience in one way or an other. Since it is not possible ask google, I decided put my android projects on hold and spend my time on better prospects. I would like to thank all of you for your kind supportsIf JED is not working for you, please try an alternative:AedictWWWJDIC for AndroidKabuto Japanese dictionary Makimono Japanese DictionaryJapanese plusCooori JEDThese guys are doing a fantastic job, please support them, so their apps don39;t end up like this oneBest Regards,AttilaJED is an offline Japanese Dictionary.FAQ: If your app stopped working, please try to delete the jed folder on your sd card and reinstall the app from scratch. The server is under heavy load, download might get slow.Please be patient and retry. The app works offline once the dictionary files are downloaded, BUT sends analytics data Google if wifi is available User data tags gets deleted when updatedCurrent features: Works offlinesearch and view results as you type Multiple dictionaries EnglishJapanese, FrenchJapanese, SpanishJapanese Search in readings romaji, meanings english and japanese kanji, hiragana and katakana Search results can contain words, expressions, kanji both onyomi and kunyomi and inflected form for adjectives and verbs.filters results based on content type meaning, reading, character type, parts of speech, common words, common kanji Radicals lookup tags vocabulary list with possibility to search and export to Google Docs and Anki. Animated Stroke Order Diagrams for kanji CopyPaste for most of the field and a notepad to gather information Move to SD card above 2.2Status of future features: Improved accuracy done New data done New icon done Nightday mode done Tags don39;t get deleted during update done Fix FC on ICS done, but not tested on real device Remove analytics as android console provide enough information done Long press on menu to create shortcuts on home done Fix errors reported on Android error console done Integration with Android search done Switch romaji onoff done Configurable word and kanji view done Furigana for example sentences done New UI 75 see pictures Hand writting kanji recognition 80 works, partial UI Fix export 0 Acknowledgements: Electronic Dictionaries Research Groups KanjiVG Tatoeba KanjiCafekeywords: japanese offline dictionary, , learn japanese, study tool, learn kanji
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