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Maps & Navigation | 12.9MB | Update: 2020-09-17 | Version: 3.1.8 | Requires: Android 4.2 or later

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KINTRACK is a geolocation system based on GPS / GPRS technology developed and designed for real-time car tracking, fleet management and real-time remote monitoring of children. It integrates a GPS geolocation module that provides accurate position data and use its GSM module to send information to a preconfigured server and a mobile phone. Its internal memory stores GPS coordinates when there is no GPRS coverage or in pre-configured time intervals.
The location of the vehicle is updated every 30 seconds. The application stores this information automatically and it allows to see in real-time the positioning of the car or the child.
The user (parent or owner of the car) can make a request to set the city limit not to cross. For this purpose, whenever this limit is exceeded, an alarm is automatically triggered on the telephone to alert the user.
If needed, KinTrack can provide information on missing distance, event history and travel speeds.
The system uses a constellation of GPS satellites to calculate the location and speed of the vehicle as it moves. It does not need internet but if the internet is available the system supports it to send this information to the server. The user connects via the KINTRACK application installed in his Smartphone or from any computer to instantly locate the movements of his vehicle.
KINTRACK provides the following services:
1. Real-time tracking:
KinTrack allows you to track the real-time location of your vehicles and real-time coordinates for the longitude and latitude of the vehicle can be obtained with a frequency of 10-30 seconds and provided the exact position of the vehicle;
2. Geofence Alert:
Geofence is a predefined boundary or domain that establishes a virtual boundary to send alerts that can be configured to know when the car is coming out or entering a predefined zone. This contributes to better control and ensures the safety of the goods your vehicles carry and the safety of the passengers that the vehicle transports can also be ensured with KinTrack. An alert is sent to the user or owner of the car. the notifications define the deviation of the vehicle from a particular field, road or area;
3. Speed ​​Alert:
The maintenance of optimum speed by the driver is very crucial in order to ensure the navigability of the vehicle and also the economy of the fuel. KinTrack provides solutions to monitor the movement of your fleet for vehicles. This is very important for the safety of the driver and crew members, it not only ensures safety, but also keeps fuel consumption at optimal level also ensuring better income and return for the vehicle owner. A Vehicle Movement Alarm can be set to ensure that vehicles can not be used without the permission of the fleet owners, The Notification will alert you to take certain actions that could prevent large losses to vehicle owners;
4. Children Tracking:
Parents can follow the movements of their children all day in real-time. KINTRACK has GPS wristbands and watches equipped with a two-way call system with which parents can better know the situation of their children and make voice calls. An SOS button is integrated to launch alerts in case of emergency.

What's new

Kintrack demo account
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Password : kintrack0000
This new version also allows you to define yourself as an area that your vehicle cannot exceed, and places where you don’t want your child to go. In which you will receive an instant alert in your phone and pop-up notifications. It also allows you to display exact addresses wherever your vehicle is traveling and many other new features.