Manav Sharir ke rochak tathya

Manav Sharir ke rochak tathya

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The human body is an incredible thing. some facts are hard to believe but they are actually happening inside our body.
About this app:
The content of the app is in Hindi language.
In this app We see many unbelievable facts of human body.
These facts include almost every organ of human body.
Some of the human body facts that this app has:
1. Human heart beats around 10000 times everyday or about 30 million times in a year.
2. Human give birth to 200 billion red cells everybody.
3. Human skin has 70 kilometers nerve in it.
4. Human can live without eating for many weeks but can not live without sleep for more than 11 days.
5 A health human' brain can produce 20 watt of electricity.
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