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Description of Music Speed Changer

The best Music Speed Changer, now with updated UI and new functionalities.
If you like the effect of your modifications then save it to file on your device.
★ Play modified music / sound in audio formats: wav, mp3, ogg, flac and more.
★ Change Tempo of track in range 4x slower to 4x faster.
★ Set Pitch Octaves Change between -1 and +1.
★ Save / Export modified track to: wav/ogg/flac.
★ Tempo & Pitch may be changed in any moment.
★ 2 modes of changing Tempo & Pitch - slider (fast) / pad (accurate).
★ Equalizer
★ Loop Range
★ Speed up or slow down your audio and additionally apply effects to it.
★ Optimization modes for content type - Music / Speech
To play modified track just select your track from music library or by browsing your device.
Supported formats: wav / mp3 / ogg / flac / acc and more.
No matter what format, selected files can be instantly played.
If you want to have more fun you can change tempo or pitch of your music track.
"Tempo" describes how fast sound will be played, 100% is original/non-changed tempo, 50% is 2x slower, 200% is 2x faster. Range is: 25% - 400% .
"Pitch" describes how pitch will be changed with difference represented as -24.0 .. +24.0 semitones, 0.00 is original/non-changed pitch.
These values may be adjusted by slider or by clicking button near them and setting accurate value.
You may also save your music into file.
Supported formats for export / saving: wav/acc (various BPS).
Please note that most of operations are cpu-intensive and for good results you need a performat device.
Tempo & Pitch values are auto-saved. When you select new track these values are set to default values.
More technical info:
Supported stream format: 8/16/24 bit encoding, 1-8 channels, 8000 / 11025 / 16000 / 22050 / 44100 / 48000 Hz sample rate. Used sample rate has to be supported by device, 8 bit encoding is extended to 16 bit encoding so device has to support 16 bit.
✓ App uses permissions for writing on SD card to enable exporting tracks.
✓ Other permissions like "Internet" are used by advertising services.
May be easily ignored if you don't want to support this app.
Please consider rating app if you find it useful, it really helps, thank you.
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What's New with Music Speed Changer 2.1.4

New UI
Speech & Music modes
Range Loop
AAC Export


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    Music Speed Changer 2.1.3
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  • avatar
    I dont got much to say, just this is the best speed changer app ever.
    2021-01-27 06:12
  • avatar
    I love putting songs in different pitches. it helps me when I want to sing them☺
    2021-01-21 02:42
  • avatar
    Having continued to use the app, I noticed two more things I think would improve it. (I already wrote about skip +/- 30 seconds, and file navigation). 1. Option to keep screen active. If the phone goes to screen saver, the audio runs away from me 🤣 while opening the phone. 2.Please remember last position. When audio is paused for a while, and I come back to it, play starts at the BEGINNING again. Then I need to hunt for my place. 😳☹️ The app apparently closes (status icon also disappears).
    2021-01-21 07:47
  • avatar
    The new update features are really good, although would be 5 stars if the audio didnt crackle when pitched up or down on a lot of songs. need to fix that.
    2021-01-20 01:34
  • avatar
    I make my MP3 to WAV
    2021-01-19 01:04
  • avatar
    keeps closing
    2021-01-19 03:56