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4.3.8 for Android
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Description of Nomedia

ℹ️※ What can it do?
📁1. Create ".nomedia" file in the containing directory signaling the media scanner to ignore media, so as to hiding useless and redundant media file(image/photo, music, video) in Gallery, Music Player, Video Player and other APP base on media store.
🔍2. Use as a media scanner, find out all the media file(image/photo, music, video) on your device, and update to the media store, so you can view the media file
in Gallery, Music Player, Video Player and other APP base on media store.
ℹ️※ What is this:
This APP can help you to create or remove a file called .nomedia in a
folder contains media files easily. And refresh MediaStore immediately!
ℹ️※ What is a .nomedia file?
.nomedia file signaling the media scanner to ignore media in the containing directory and its subdirectories. This prevents media scanner from reading your media files(image, video, audio) and providing them to other apps(Gallery, Music Player, Video Player etc.) through the MediaStore content provider.
If you want to scan all the photo/image/music/video on your device;
If the Gallery, Media Player always load some pictures, videos or audios which you do think are useless, redundant.
Then this APP may be what you need.
The main purpose of this app is let the junk media files(which we do think) don't show in some APP(such as the Gallery, Play Music) based on MediaStore. It is not a tool to hide files and protect your privacy, as files may be show in file manager APPs.
ℹ️※ How to use:
1. The application will scan picture, video, audio files from the MediaStore and file system, and then categorizes them by folder.
2. When a folder is set to "ON," means that media files in this folder will NOT be scanned by MediaStore, otherwise will be scanned.
3. In the list view, click the folder preview to view folder detail.
4. In the grid view, click the file preview can play the media file.
⚠️ Warning: This APP may NOT work on SOME devices. It may cause files to be deleted automatically on SOME Samsung devices. Anyway you can try it out. It's a good idea to try it on unimportant folders/files firstly.

What's New with Nomedia 4.3.8

1) Optimize performance on Android10
2) fix some ANRs


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    I run Oreo on a LG G6. Change anything and it won't show whole folders of pics. No refresh option either. Nomedia did exactly what it should. Refreshed the image store and pics show in the gallery. The bonus is it creates and deletes .nomedia files, i used to do that manually. Edit: it's misbehaving, keeps finding old files as new, notification goes bizerk, won't shut off.
    2020-09-07 04:16
  • avatar
    Very easy, quick, does what it needs to. Now I can keep my gift ideas folder on my phone, and not have surprises ruined when showing the family memes. I take screenshots while online shopping, and I can "hide" that folder too. I didn't know I needed this until I tried it, now it's gonna be one of the primary apps on my devices.
    2020-09-02 02:54
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    This app done a good job. But the ad you are showing is inappropriate. Change the ad server that doesn't show this type of ad.
    2020-09-01 06:01
  • avatar
    perhaps it's time for a paid version
    2020-08-20 05:06
  • avatar
    Trash app the file browsers lock behind a paywall.
    2020-08-07 05:29
  • avatar
    I don't know how to get my pictures out of there and in my gallery. If you would let me know I would appreciate it. And I had to watch an advertisement to get to my pictures and stuff on the app. I want to know how to get all of my stuff off of the app. I can't even share my other pictures because I have this app on my phone.
    2020-07-24 08:27