OBDKey Fault Code Reader

OBDKey Fault Code Reader

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Travel & Local | 442.9KB | Update: 2018-02-03 | Version: 1.3 | Requires: Android2.0 or later

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OBDKey Fault Code Reader is a fault code reading, lookup and clearing application for Android that allows you to access your car's control units (ECUs) to get any fault codes.
Generic and manufacturer specific codes may be read, explained and reset from the following:
* All OBDII compliant vehicles (US from 1996, petrol from 2001, diesel from 2004)
* Pre - OBDII Ford (including some Mazda) using J1850 PWM / Ford SCP
* CAN based Ford (including Mazda) using CAN based Ford SCP
* Pre - OBDII GM (including Vauxhall / Opel / Saab)
* VW Audi Group (VAG) (including Seat / Skoda) using KW1281 or KWP2000
* Fiat / Alfa Romeo using KWP2000
Engine only, except for VAG which may be used via KW1281 to read engines, airbags, instrument clusters etc.
Please note this will only work with OBDKey hardware.
The application is sophisticated and powerful yet simple to use, enabling fast and easy access to a vehicle’s EOBD, pre OBD and manufacturer specific diagnostic codes. The app enables the cause of the illuminated engine check light (MIL) to be established.
You will be able to read clear, concise DTC definitions generic to all EOBD compliant vehicles on screen from the built in look up code base, which also includes many hundreds of vehicle specific codes too.
OBDKey is a CAN enabled tool and with this app retrieves generic P0, P2 and P3 and U0 codes for engine emissions and also picks up manufacturer specific P1, P3 and U1 codes.
With a single screen tap, the OBDKey Fault Code Reader app can turns off the MIL light, clear codes and reset monitors.
OBDKey Fault Code Reader is available for Android users and OBDKey Bluetooth unit owners only.
Features include fully automatic Bluetooth connection once pairing has been established, user fault code look up, easy navigation using menus, landscape and portrait modes both supported, HDPI, MDPI and LDPI screen options, works with larger “tablet” devices. English only at present.
A built-in data library with a user lookup function is also included.
OBDKey updateable via web-based downloads over the Bluetooth connection.
Data acquired from the vehicle(s) may be exported via email to any address of your choosing. OBDKey is available from
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What's new

Added support for OBDKey WLAN via IP (sockets) address. May be used with OBDKey WLAN in infrastructure mode or gateway mode. AdHoc not supported.
For instructions on how to configure Android Wifi for the OBDKey WLAN visit obdkey.com/obd_support.asp
Fixed issue with VW / Audi reading fault codes from the instrument cluster.

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