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Onion Messenger and Instant Chat with encryption

2.0.4+fcr for Android
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Onion search engine

Description of Onion Messenger

Onion messenger and instant chat is new client of Onion Search Engine instant messaging and chat and use private server who protect your privacy and don't trace you and your message.
This new version of Onion messenger use XMPP private server of Onion search engine and is full compatible with jabber.
This version use full encryption for instant message and use omemo and openpgp protocol for encrypt your message.
With Onion Messenger you can send instant message, vocal message, send photo and video and send location to your contact.
Onion messenger use OpenStreetMap for location and is full integrate with Onion Maps for Business and for point of interested.
Onion messenger use Tor network for full encryption and anonymous navigation on internet. In android smartphone use orbot app for Tor network.
In order to use this messenger you must be + 16 years old.
By accepting the terms of use and declaring that you are + 16 years old, you can start using this free chat.
Onion messenger is anonymous and fully encrypted messenger using onion routing and hide all your information, including your metadata, identity, and IP address.
your identity is protected and your conversations are private.
Onion messenger does not trace you and does not spy you.
Onion messenger also works in the tor network and in the deep web / dark web.
In order to use the Tor network you must use the Orbot program or a Vpn Tor.
Your privacy is important to us

What's New with Onion Messenger 2.0.4+fcr

Client re-developer and use XMPP server and full compatible with Jabber
encryption OMEMO, OpenPGP or unencrypted message
private message and group message
multiple account
private server of XMPP of Onion Search Engine
send photo, video, audio message, position
use openstreetmap for position
apk optimization
bug fix


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    Onion search engine
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  • Onion Messenger and Instant Chat with encryption
    Onion Messenger 2.0.2+fcr
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    Onion Messenger 1.1.9
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    Good app for use of Digital Safe Guard (DSG). Pictures it shares are viewable in files. Cannot be fully.open source, due to Hauwei launcher permissions, etc. This does have screenshot protection, & the position of the share box is impressive, after a simple longpress. In-app TOR enablement option never works for any app. If Orbot is already on, then enabling the TOR option within an app will assure a short lived, or no connection. Why no app lock for a "privacy" messenger? Don't trust servers.
    2020-10-19 12:09
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    Would not work on my 4.2 android with root access tablet.Wouldnt allow me to recieve or send messages.So i wasted time and data.
    2020-10-08 02:55
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    Where can I find jabbers I'd to connect to chat.. I could not find any people here.. How to find anonymous people? There are no chat rooms.. I am new here.. none of my contacts are here.. Unable to do anything
    2020-10-08 07:31
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    So far so good🤩
    2020-10-03 09:49
  • avatar
    2020-08-01 12:34
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    This is an excellent app! It's the best place for a private conversation! I love it! Having so many layers of encryption gives me comfort.... Ok, my first rating was on 06/27 but since then I have discovered that a person is unable to screenshot Onion conversations! This makes me love this app even MORE!!! I use this app for all communications that I have online. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking for total privacy. I honestly don't think I could live without this app!!!
    2020-07-27 05:27