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Description of Pacer Pedometer: Walking, Running, Step Challenges

The Pacer App: “Walking & Running Pedometer for Health & Weight” syncs steps & calories w/ MyFitnessPal and Fitbit! Track your step, walking & weight loss with this free health counter. Lose weight and track walk distance and calories burned using 24/7 step counting from our pedometer, step counter & health tracker app.
Download the Pedometer app for free to turn your phone into your personal health and weight loss tracker! Lose weight with calorie burning guided fitness plans, step counting and activity tracking. Join our health, fitness and walking community and get fit and active!
How Pacer works:
-Just download, open and start walking. Our free step counter app will track your steps automatically if your phone is with you
-“Trends:” Track your complete activity history (steps, calorie count, etc.)
-“Explore:” Groups & challenges
-“Me:” Track weight, habits and more. Sync w/ MyFitnessPal & Fitbit.
-“Plan:” Daily exercise plans for your health goals
For Better Accuracy:
1. Go to "Pedometer Preferences" and adjust the Pedometer mode if the step counter is not accurately tracking steps
2. Add our app to your cleaning tool’s "ignore" list so the step tracker doesn't get shut down
3. No two people walk the same. Adjust step counter sensitivity if needed to improve walking tracker accuracy
Important Note:
Some phones just can’t count steps if the screen is off or locked. We try hard to support as many phones as we can. If these steps don’t solve your problem, your device could be the issue. Email our support and we’ll work hard get your step counting back on track.
Just Download and Go
-No wristband or additional tracker hardware required. Count your steps with just your phone … and our counter is free!
-No website login needed. Just download our walking app to start counting steps and tracking calories burned.
Complete Fitness & Steps Tracking
-Built-in pedometer tracks your steps as you walk. The step counter works whether your phone is in your hand, pocket or purse
-Count steps, calories, distance and active time
-GPS activity tracker tracks outdoor fitness activities on a map
-Works with MyFitnessPal and Fitbit. Pedometer syncs activity data to MyFitnessPal and Fitbit creating the ultimate weight loss tool and step counter app
-All of these tracking features are free! True free step counting.
Powerful Fitness Plans
-Daily exercise plans designed by pro trainers to improve health, lose weight and stay active
-Exercise plans for all activity levels and health goals
-Step by step audio and video guided workouts
Groups and Events – Motivation
-Create walking groups to burn calories together with friends & family
-Compete in events for motivation to walk and lose weight
Track your Health and Fitness Data
-Track your steps, activity and calorie burn. Make every step count and lose more weight
-Sync our tracker with apps like MyFitnessPal and FitBit for total step counting data and tracking
Create Healthy Habits
-One-tap tools to build health and fitness habits and beat weight loss goals
-Reach your goal: Walk more, Lose weight, or Improve health!
Other Key Features:
-The best pedometer for any phone
-Accurate steps & activity tracking
-Weight loss, BMI tracking and calorie burn counter
-Daily fitness plans for any health goal – lose weight, walk more or improve health
-Trends displays daily steps, calories and weight
-Auto-sync steps and calories to MyFitnessPal or Fitbit
Count on Pacer Pedometer for the best free walk tracker. Try Pacer Pedometer first before you buy a Fitbit or other tracker! Pacer syncs with MyFitnessPal and other step counter apps for all of your health and step data in one tracking app.
Syncing Pacer with Fitbit:
1.Set up your Fitbit App
2.In Pacer, tap: Me -> Data & Settings -> Apps & Devices and tap “Fitbit” to connect
3.Log into both your Pacer and Fitbit accounts and authorize Pacer to write data to Fitbit
4.Your Fitbit is now connected to Pacer


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  • Pacer Pedometer: Walking, Running, Step Challenges
    Pacer Pedometer: Walking, Running, Step Challenges p7.11.2
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    Pacer Pedometer: Walking, Running, Step Challenges p7.11.1
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    Pacer Pedometer: Walking, Running, Step Challenges p7.10.3
  • avatar
    It is the best app for walkers. I highly recommend it. However, back up and storage of data is not up to the mark. It is not as good as Strava in that department.
    2020-11-27 08:05
  • avatar
    This simple ap has all that I need. Not only does it interface with my Motorola and Samsung phone step counter (so I dont have the app running in the background), but has a good "activity" tracker with GPS map. I really didn't like the lack of privacy after UnderArmor bought MapMyFitness, so I appreciated not being a marketing opportunity with the Pedometer ap privacy policy. Update11/24/2020: The latest update has cadence and elevation graphs - very nice.
    2020-11-25 04:54
  • avatar
    Wont even record a single step. Google Fit was given permission, all settings checked, battery etc. Nada. Zilch. No steps recorded. Galaxy S5. Uninstalling.
    2020-11-23 07:12
  • avatar
    I am trying to sycn it with Garmin, but I don't see the option. I am using Google fit to pull my data in, which isn't very acturate. I am on the trial version, which will paid in 7 days. Might have to cancel before then.
    2020-11-23 04:19
  • avatar
    Complete waste of time. Won't let me sign in with Facebook or Google. Tells me it doesn't recognise any email address I give it. Shame because it looked really good. Using Samsung Android Galaxy A6 software Android 10.
    2020-11-22 06:15
  • avatar
    App tracking distance is far from accurate. I have just run 15k and only 10k is showing. It should at list have garmin or strava support, if is selling virtuall runs!
    2020-11-22 05:54