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Life is full of decisions, to know how to choose correctly. Naturally, some decisions are more momentous than others, but any decision taken, no matter how trivial that it can become, can change our future.
Every choice we make has immediate consequences. Failure to take one is in itself a decision decision. I learned long ago that a correct decision taken belatedly is almost worse than a wrong decision promptly. In the latter case you can have room for maneuver and correct your initial error. In the first case, if the decision is correct but taken late, surely miss the surprise factor and the opportunity cost. I must admit that I fail this as our tradition that tells us "that the Spanish think well but late," often so late that there is no time for reaction, only to lament.
Rightly or wrongly I like to make quick decisions. The speed does not have because it is at odds with the analysis and meditation as long as this will not be shelved. One of my last decisions of my last election is to collaborate and implement, together with a great team of professionals, Radio YA, historical Journal Radio Ya. Journal whose head I recover a few years ago Santiago Velo de Antelo and returned to the place he deserved after passing through various hands that moved away from the principles and values ​​of the founder of the newspaper, Cardenal Herrera Oria.
Radio Ya want to continue with a communication project that goes far beyond the merely radio, which goes far beyond the pure and simple entertainment. We live in difficult times, complicated where we can not and must not remain indifferent and oblivious to the reality around us. Everything invites to stay away, not conflict, in trouble, everything invites not be contrary to political correctness, as established. All it invited to be cowardly and selfish. That's not going with us, do not go with any of those who are part of this great project and have made possible the birth of Radio Ya.
We have taken the irrevocable decision to take out a radio communication project forward we see more necessary than ever. A Radio based on values ​​and principles.
We moved the defense of life, the family, the defense of our Christian roots, the defense of Spain and its unbreakable unity. We moved our duty to the truth very annoying and painful that it can become. We want to be the counterweight means "disinformation and manipulation" by means of "poisoning and continuous lie" and whose ultimate purpose the influence a society already very impressionable, very moldable and "bizcochable" and that it tends to believe easily everything you hear and have even in cases where known and it is clear that they are lying, but what is important here is not the truth, if not the part of the network, not self marginalizing for questioning issues you know very well that are not correct.
For all this it is as necessary as a station Radio Ya, that voice to the voiceless. Those who have much to say and little means where I say, without going into victimism and compassions without dealing with conspiracies and witch hunts. It is not necessary to go to the epic. The reality in most cases than fiction. A poorly defended and poorly explained idea is almost worse than a frontal attack that you want denostarla. In many cases the opposite is closer than we think, although he may not even be aware that it is.
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