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Description of SIM Card Info and Contacts Transfer

SIM Card and Contacts Transfer is the best application in Google Play for extracting information from your SIM card such as phone numbers and contacts. This application also support copying contacts from SIM card to your smartphone and vice versa. Moreover, you will enjoy Android's latest features with Material Design.
Main features:
* Copying contacts from SIM card to phone
* Copying contacts from phone to SIM card
* Get device infomation:
- Whether the device supports configuring the DTMF tone length.
- Whether making changes to modem configurations will trigger device reboot.
- State of all calls on the device.
- The card ID of the default eUICC card.
- Carrier id based on sim MCCMNC only.
- Type of activity on a data connection (cellular).
- The radio technology (network type) currently in use on the device for data transmission.
- The current data connection state (cellular).
- The unique device ID
- The software version number for the device, for example, the IMEI/SV for GSM phones.
- Forbidden PLMNs from the USIM App
- The Group Identifier Level1 for a GSM phone.
- IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).
- The phone number string for line 1, for example, the MSISDN for a GSM phone.
- The Manufacturer Code from the MEID.
- The MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier).
- The MMS user agent profile URL.
- The MMS user agent.
- The Network Access Identifier (NAI).
- The ISO country code equivalent of the MCC (Mobile Country Code) of the current registered operator or the cell nearby, if available.
- The numeric name (MCC MNC) of current registered operator.
- The alphabetic name of current registered operator.
- The network specifier of the subscription ID pinned to the TelephonyManager.
- The network type for current data connection.
- Number of SIM cards.
- The device phone type.
- Get preferred opportunistic data subscription Id.
- Carrier id of the current subscription.
- Carrier id name of the current subscription.
- The ISO country code equivalent for the SIM provider's country code.
- The MCC MNC (mobile country code mobile network code) of the provider of the SIM.
- The Service Provider Name (SPN).
- The serial number of the SIM, if applicable.
- Fine-grained carrier ID of the current subscription.
- User-facing name of the specific carrier id.
- The state of the default SIM card.
- The unique subscriber ID, for example, the IMSI for a GSM phone.
- The Type Allocation Code from the IMEI.
- The package responsible of processing visual voicemail for the subscription ID pinned to the TelephonyManager.
- Retrieves the alphabetic identifier associated with the voice mail number.
- The voice mail number.
- The network type for voice
- Has the calling application been granted carrier privileges by the carrier.
- Has ICC card.
- Whether the device is currently on a technology.
- Whether mobile data is enabled or not per user setting.
- Whether mobile data roaming is enabled on the subscription.
- Whether the phone supports hearing aid compatibility.
- Whether multi SIM is supported.
- Whether the device is considered roaming on the current network, for GSM purposes.
- Whether the device currently supports RTT (Real-time text).
- Whether the current device supports sms service.
- Whether TTY is supported on this device.
- Whether the current device is "voice capable".
- Whether the device is a world phone.
* Support Android Q
* Press on any piece of information to copy it into the clipboard.
* This application does not support dual SIM card
* READ_PHONE_STATE - to read information from the SIM card
* READ_CONTACTS - to obtain the SIM card contact list
* WRITE_CONTACTS - to delete the selected contact
* INTERNET_ACCESS - for displaying ads

What's New with SIM Card Info and Contacts Transfer 3.41

* Fix bugs


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    Very perfect ❤️
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    Mast h
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    2021-01-04 05:30
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    Not some white screen coming
    2020-12-30 02:40
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    Having problem screenshot is " cellular network is not available for voice mail" all the incoming outgoing calls & sim's totally collapsed, there is no alive indications of Sim's on screen, I HV checked with other sims but results are same, 3 times I HV tried to set on "factory reset, setting" but every failed to get my success, there is error or mistake fingered in system which is not traceable, pls help me, Android & google r also helpless Thanks & regards M. Yaseen Minhas
    2020-12-27 01:47
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    2020-12-26 10:58