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One desirous of finding the fundamentals of truth, the essence of true knowledge and the exalted pattern of character all together must turn to the pages of Satyarth Prakash. Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the author of the Satyarth Prakash, was, no doubt a unique expounder of truth that lay in the Vedas unexplored for centuries and centuries. This is a monumental work of him, who never sowed down to before falsehood and never discriminated between man & man who remained a seeker and propagator of truth and who lived & died for upholding truth. Satyarth Prakash which he has left as an imperishable legacy not only to his countrymen but also to the whole world at large is an embodiment of his genius. Chief aim of writing this book was to unfold the truth .Author has expounded truth as truth and error as error. Exposition of error in place of truth and of truth in place error does not constitute the unfolding of truth.The book contains fourteen chapters described as below. The first chapter treats of the signification and explanation of the names of Supreme Being, as Aum & the like;The second of education of children; the third of the student life (brahmacharya ), the rules of instructions, a list of authentic and spurious books & the curriculum of studies, the fourth , of the instituation of marriage and the duties of the family life(grihastha); the fifth , of the retired life(vanprastha) and the missionary life (sannayasta); the sixth of the (Raj dharma) Science of Government, duties of king /ruler; the seventh of the Vedas and God; the eighth of Creation ,Preservation and Destruction of the Universe; the ninth of Knowledge & ignorance , emancipation & bondage ;the tenth of moral and immoral conduct , ordained & forbidden food the eleventh of the exposition and refutation of the faiths of India; the twelth of materialism, Buddhism , atheism and Jainism or idolatry; the thirteenth of Christianity ;and the fourteenth of Muhammadanism.It is not our object to hurt any one’s susceptibilities or to injure anyone. On the other hand our aim is to further the advancement and advance the well being of mankind, to help (all) men in the ascertainment of what is right and to enable them to accept truth and reject falsehood.Hope our this effort of android application of Satyarth Prakash, the epoch making book in the religious world may intrigue the reader to read the book from cover to cover & may revives the heart of every individual who reads.Hope our this effort of android application of Satyarth Prakash, the epoch making book in the religious world may intrigue the reader to read the book from cover to cover & may revives the heart of every individual who reads.Android application of Satyarth Prakash is conceptualize by and team. Many more authors were inspired by this single book and the philosophy of Author of this book. At our website you can find more books on the same principles of VEDA. For your any feedback, comments & support to promote the noble cause, you can write to us at given mail id ( of the key features of this application are :•Book is in Hindi language.•Read book offline after install it. •When flip you can hear the flipping sound meanwhile, also you can shut it down.•Every page has its small thumbnail which is listed bottom horizontally on the buttons "Previous" and "Next” or only leftward or rightward arrows.•Click previous and next button to flip page.•Full Screen: Slight click the center of screen to view in full screen.•Press and slide corner to flip page.•(Goto option)To jump on random page,click on page number shown in black box and enter page number in popup window.•Auto bookmark When you open apps next time it will open last reading page. Application Development by Shailendra Dadhiya
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