Scientific Calculator Exp

Scientific Calculator Exp

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You write, I calcScientific calculator Exp is a powerful scientific expression calculator to evaluate complicated mathematical expressions. EXPEXP1.54.0This calculator supports 40 diffused mathematical functions. It is also able to record historical inputs and results and evaluate complicated expressions, which are either not supported or hard to input in most traditional calculators. This calculator fully supports all the android phones and tablets from Android 1.5 to Android 4.0.Input:User is able to input an expression using keyboard or function buttons, or copy a historical record from history screen or by clicking the output box. An expression is made up of operands, operators, functions and parameters. An operand or a parameter may not be a number, it can be an expression. Blank characters between expression elements, i.e. operands, operators, functions and parameters, do not affect calculation result. Capitalized and uncapitalized characters are both supported. An example of expression is pow4.01,3.1 0.0731 sintoRADsum17, 21, avg3.71, log198.2, 9.99,112.7,abs11.22 .Besides the functions supported, this calculator can also handle the following operators: plus sign, subtraction sign, multiplication sign, division sign, power sign, percentage, factorial sign, amp; bitwise and, bitwise or, bitwise xor, bitwise not, not, positive sign and negative sign.If user is not sure how to use a function or a operator, heshe can press QuickHelp button and then press the function or operator button or type the function name or the operator by keyboard.Output:The output text box show user the result of calculation. If syntax of the input expression is incorrect, output box shows error message. User can also place last calculation result in the input text box by clicking the output box. If the last calculation result includes error, expression will be put into input box instead of result.Settings:1. Bits of precision. This setting determines how many effective bits after decimal points should be shown. For example, if bits of precision is 4, 0.003204876 will be rounded to 0.003205.2. Scientific notation. This field sets the value range that scientific notation, e.g. 2.1 10 37, should be used to show result.3. Record length. The record length gives out the number of historical calculations recorded by Exp Scientific Calculator.History:The history screen shows user the recent calculation history. By clicking one of the records, user is able to place either expression or result into input box, which saves typing time. Note that if result includes error, expression will be put into input by default.
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