Screen toolset 21 free

Screen toolset 21 free

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Tools | 3.0MB | Update: 2016-12-20 | Version: 3.3 | Requires: Android2.3.3 or later

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Are you looking for some free apps? 10,000+ users downloaded Screen Toolset 21 free latest version on 9Apps for free every week! This app was totally funny. This hot app was released on 2013-04-20. Even if you’re not a fan of this app, you’ll love it after reading this page.
Set of 21 screen tools using screen of smart phone.
( Toolbox of various flash light, signals, signs, measuring tools, etc.)
1) LED Torch: LED Torch using the camera flash LED flash light.
2) Banner: Display text message with large font,for using as a billboard banner.
3) Magnifier : Magnifier with zoom function in camera.(Needed zoom camera).
4) Screen Light : Light varying in brightness and color.(func.:Change colors)
5) Strobe Light : Blinking flash light.(func.:Change colors)
6) SOS Signal : SOS signal with blinking light.
7) Manual Signal : You can turn on and off and make signals on your own.
8) Light Stick : Can be used at performance halls. (func.:Change color and size)
9) Blink Sign : Light sign that blinks periodically. (func.:Change period)
10) Arrow Sign : Used to point somewhere when it is noisy or dark.
11) Patrol Sign : Red and blue light just like that of a police car.
12) DoNotDisturb Sign : Sign when you don’t want to be disturbed.
13) Sleep Light : Light which slowly fades away in 10 minutes. Can be restarted.
14) Candle Light : Candle for romantic atmosphere.
15) Candle Celebrations : Candles for celebrations.(func.:Turn on/off.Change numbers.)
16) Ruler : Measure length using screen.
17) Protractor : measure angles using screen.
18) Horizontal Leveler : measure horizontality
19) Compass : integrated compass
20) Counter : Count by touching. You can specify titles and save values.
21) Color Reference : Check RGB values and make your own color referring to the reference.
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What's new

-Improved Feature : screen capture feature added in magnifier.
-Added tool : LED Torch, Banner,Magnifier
-Added tool : Ruler, Protractor, Horizontal Leveler, Color Reference, Counter
-Added tool : DoNotDisturb Sign, Sleep Light, Candle Light, Candle Celebrations
-Screen Light,Strobe Light,SOS Signal,SOS Signal, Manual Signal, Light Stick,Blink Sign, Arrow Sign,Patrol Sign, Compass

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