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In Surat Al-Kahf application has been equipped with reading Arabic, Latin, translation and Mp3 with murotal Mishary Rashid Alafasy. And equipped with Virtue and its Benefits.
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* Reading Surat Al-Kahf Arab and Mp3 murotal Mishary Rashid Alafasy
* Reading Surat Al-Kahf Arabic, Latin, translation and Mp3 murotal Mishary Rashid Alafasy
* The virtues and benefits of Surat Al-Kahf
* Play and Pause Audio murotal mp3
* Replay Audio murotal mp3
* Repeat repeating Audio
The virtues and benefits of Al-Kahf
Surat Al Kahf or also called the Companions of Kahf is a Meccan surah class mail or derived in the city of Mecca. This Surah consists of 110 verses and tells the story of several young people who sleep in the cave for years. There are also several pieces of the story in this letter all of which contain lessons are very useful for human life.
There are some hadiths that reveal about the virtues and benefits of this letter. The first man who read Al-Kahf on Friday will be protected from defamation Dajjal. Cruel figure that will come out at the end of this age will make mischief in the earth and spread slander to every Muslim. Prophet Muhammad SAW said that by diligently reading this letter on Friday it will be protected from such slander.
"Whoever reads Surah al-Kahf on Friday, then the Dajjal can not memudharatkannya," (HR-Dailami).
"Who's reading of Surah Al-Kahf, become a light for him from head to feet and he who reads the whole, become a light for him between heaven and earth," (Ahmad).
The second benefit of reading Al-Kahf on Friday is receives forgiveness of sins between the two on Friday. In still another history of Abu Sa'id al-Khudri radi 'anhu, he said: Ibn Umar radi' anhuma, the Prophet SAW said.
"Anyone who read the letter al-Kahf on Friday, it will radiate light from the bottom of his foot to the sky, will be illuminated later on the Day of Resurrection, and forgiven between the two Friday."
People who read Surah al-Kahf on Friday will also get the light themselves.
"Whoever reads the letter al-Kahf on Friday night, then the emitted light for him as far as he's between him and Baitul 'Atiq." (Reported by al-Hakim)
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