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Learn ABC Alphabets for Kids and Toddlers, Games, Audio Support, Quiz by The Great Kids.
The Great Kids. - We teach kids through interactive and Fun Learning Mobile Apps that ignite curiosity and inspire creativity.
Education is much more than just teaching school syllabus. It includes igniting curiosity and creativity, facilitating friendly learning experience and providing support.
We have multiple free educational apps for preschool and nursery kids upto 5 years that includes Alphabet, Numbers, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Animal Name, Birds, Shapes and Color, Body Part Name, Nursery Rhymes and Poems, Vehicles, Time, Week, Months and Math for Kids. Much more than kindergarten.
We are also coming up with Class 1 or Grade 1 to Grade 10 subjects.
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Section - 1 : ABC Alphabet with Audio Part-1
A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat, D for Dog, E for Elephant, F for Fish, G for Grapes, H for Helicopter, I for Ink, J for Jacket, K for Kite, L for Lock, M for Monkey, N for Nose, O for Onion, P for Peacock, Q for Queen, R for Rain, S for Sun, T for Train, U for Umbrella, V for Van, W for Watch, X for X-Mas tree, Y for Yacht, Z for Zebra.
Section - 2 : ABC Alphabet with Audio Part-2
A for Ant, Arrow, B for Bell, Balloon, C for Candle, Cake, D for Drum, Doll, E for Egg, Engine, F for Fan, Flower, G for Gun, Giraffe, H for Horse, Hat, I for Ice-cream, Iron, J for Jug, Joker, K for Key, King, L for Lamp, Lion, M for Moon, Mango,N for Nest, Net, O for Owl, Ox, P for Pencil, Pin, Q for Quilt, Queue, R for Rainbow, Rose, S for Shoes, Socks, T for Top, Tap, U for Uniform, Unicorn, V for Violin,Vulture, W for Window, Well, X for X-ray, Xylophone, Y for Yo Yo, Yak, Z for Zip, Zoo.
Section - 3 : A to Z summary
Capital A to Z
Small a to z
Section - 4 : Alphabet for Picture
Dog,Umbrella, Cake, Watermelon, Yo Yo, Jelly, Elephant, T shirt, Apple, Fish, Queue, Pen, Nail, House, Bell, Greaps, Ice cream, X-mas tree, Orange, Lock, Zebra, Rose, Kite, Mug, Shoes, Vegetables.
Section - 5 : Missing Letter
Fill in the blanks, Missing Letters.
Section - 6 : Match the Alphabet, Match capital and small letter of alphabet
Section - 7 :Find odd letter Select the odd letter from given alphabet
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