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Завтраки Рецепты с фото

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Breakfast should be very nutritious and high-calorie, balanced and diverse, to combine vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Calorie Breakfasts - 15-20 percent of the total daily diet.
An excellent ingredient for breakfast is honey. His and porridge can be added and the tea: honey spoon saturate hot drink with vitamins. By itself, the honey - one of the most valuable products, in fact it is composed of elements that help the body cope with stress, enhance the immune system and provide an influx of new forces.
The required components of breakfast should be fruits, vegetables, honey and milk. They can help give your body the necessary fiber, and the first morning meal should contain a specific set of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, carbohydrates and fiber.
Eggs are great for eating breakfast. They contain vitamins and essential amino acids that meet all the needs of the human body. Boiled eggs or an omelet steam will give the body the necessary protein share.
The main components of healthy breakfast:
• Milk product, for example cheese, yogurt, milk or cheese. In the morning our body needs calcium, protein, vitamins A, B and D. Dairy products - a valuable source of these elements.
• cereals, bread, it is possible, as far as possible, meal, cereal, oatmeal and cereal. Cereals are rich in minerals, fiber and vitamins. Their advantage is difficult to overestimate.
• Oh, and of course, a drink that combines it all: tea, coffee, juice or cocoa.
Physicians are advised to start the morning with a glass of water, tea or juice. The fluid helps the body to wake up. Then you can safely proceed directly to the breakfast. Especially should pay attention to the milk, cottage cheese and sour milk yogurt.
But still rightfully the best, most useful and high quality breakfast cereal nutritionists believe, certainly cooked in milk with the addition of butter. Barley, oats or rice, it is to your taste. Milk porridge for breakfast is especially valuable because it contains all the necessary complex carbohydrates, which for a long time provides the body with energy, as well as fiber, vitamins and minerals. Of course, it is boring, so for a variety of well add to it fresh berries, syrups and jams. You can pamper yourself in the morning, and pancakes or pancakes, but in moderation.
Properties of our collection:
- Name (common and national identity) serves;
- Approximate time of cooking dishes with pictures;
- List required for the preparation of food ingredients, their number and proportion;
- Equipment and facilities needed for the preparation of meals;
- Number of persons for whom the dish;
- Calories (and sometimes the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates);
- Step by step instructions for the preparation of meals;
- Serving method (decoration dish and feed it on the table).
- Recipes from different foods: meat dishes, fish dishes, dishes from tofu and dough (pastry), recipes of poultry and chicken dishes from dairy products
- Large selection of national cuisines: Russian cuisine (pancakes), Chinese (rice and noodles), Thai, Ukrainian (borscht), Caucasian cuisine (barbecue), Italian food (pasta and pizza, risotto), Japanese (sushi), and of course French
- In the collection you will find recipes for salads, soups, side dishes, cereals, desserts, cakes, meat dishes
- Recipes for different people -Children's menu, Lenten menu, vegetarian dishes, gluten-free diet
Recipes - guidance for the preparation of culinary products. It contains information about the necessary foodstuffs, their proportions and instructions for mixing and processing. Recipes describe the mechanical and thermal processing of ingredients, methods of serving the finished product.
Recipes with photos transmitted by word of mouth, as well as published in cookbooks and on specialized sites. There are secret recipes, culinary transmitted to his heirs
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