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Description of NetPincér

With the updated NetPincer mobile app you can discover many restaurants and order breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a coffee, but don’t forget we might also help you out with your daily grocery needs. Your delivery is only a few clicks away. The availability of the delivery service varies in the different territories of Hungary.
👍 8 reasons, why you should order:
1. Wide selection: already 4500 partners nationwide!
2. We offer you discounts, promotions, coupons and fun games regularly!
3. Customize your order: choose different sauces, toppings and soft drinks, like you would in a restaurant!
4. Pay contactless, online and save your credit card!
5. Save multiple addresses (home, work) so you can order even faster! You can even use a map to set your location faster.
6. Have you left your cart? Don’t worry, you can return to your abandoned cart, you will find your chosen items right there.
7. Order even on the go, we are there for you anytime hunger hits!
8. You can tip your rider online, this means no worries with cash anymore!
How to place an order?
1. If you haven’t done it yet, register in the NetPincer mobile app!
2. Sign in and set your location simply by using the map location service or type in your address.
3. Pick a nice restaurant or grocery store and then choose from the available items!
4. After finalizing your cart, choose a payment method, check and place your order.
Payment methods
Payment is possible by cash and online, in following ways:
- debit/credit card
- SZEP card
What do we offer?
Already more than 4,500 partners joined NetPincer nationwide and we are present in more than 800 settlements. You can try many types of cuisines and we offer you solutions for more and more occasions: in addition to traditional lunch and dinner orders, many people choose to buy coffee or breakfast at NetPincer. But we don’t stop here, you might also find afternoon snacks or even things for your daily shopping list. Check out the restaurants: you can get daily menus, but we can even help you out with a romantic 3-course dinner for your date. The availability of the delivery service varies in the different territories of Hungary.
Just to mention some of our big partners: Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s and of course there are many others to try out as well.
Are you familiar with NetPincér GO?
In 2018, we launched our own delivery service, which allows you to order from premium restaurants that previously had no online delivery service. You can choose NetPincer GO in more than 30 cities and this range widens constantly. In case of NetPincer GO you can track your order in real time on a map, and we send you a notification before the rider arrives.
App reviews and feedback: unfortunately we don’t have the opportunity to respond within the framework of the Play Store, if you need help or have any suggestions, write to or contact us on the page via the "Help Center" menu, on the bottom of the page.
If you have any other questions or feedback, feel free to contact our customer service via or via the "Help Center" menu.
Monday - Sunday: 08:00 to 23:00
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What's New with NetPincér 21.10.0

We're always working hard to optimize our app with the latest technologies and new features. This version includes many improvements to the appearance and stability of the application.


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  • avatar
    Looks like my last rating was deleted. I guess editing the ratings are your only way your app does not crash below 2 stars.
    2021-01-26 07:03
  • avatar
    Miért alkalmaznak olyan futárokat, akik számukra idegenek házában lakóknak tesznek megjegyzéseket? A konkrét eset: egyik szomszédom 5 fős társasággal dohányzik a belső udvaron, hangosak, megkérem őket, hogy legyenek halkabbak, majd a szomszéd egyik vendége (a netpincéres futár) beszól, hogy "ennél halkabban nem lehet és muszáj kijönni dohányozni". Bunkók a netpincérek!
    2021-01-25 06:31
  • avatar
    I don't know why anybody in their right mind would use this when Wolt is available.
    2021-01-24 03:42
  • avatar
    Their menus and application doesn't provide English Support. I can not order in Hungarian menu so sorry. Make some improvements in your menu. wolt has English translation on Menus.
    2021-01-23 03:48
  • avatar
    Szeretjük használni, de több helyen nem érzem elég stabilnak. Pl. mikor megnyitok az étlapról egy ételt, de vissza megyek a nyíllal, sokszor visszaugrik az étlap elejére. Nem jegyzi meg a scroll pozíciót. Ez nagyon idegesítő. Néha nem egyértelmű a UI (Pl. gombok helye, törlés a kosárból a mínusz gombbal).
    2021-01-21 05:21
  • avatar
    You guys do not cater for non - hungarian speaking customers. Finding what you want is a big hassle, and not advisable if you have allergies.
    2021-01-20 10:05