SABIS® E-Books

SABIS® E-Books

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Education | 12.6MB | Update: 2020-09-20 | Version: 3.4.4 | Requires: Android 4.4 or later

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SABIS® E-books allows students to easily download and access their e-books on their tablets while benefiting from a wide range of user-friendly educational tools specifically designed to create a seamless learning experience for students of all grade levels.
With SABIS® E-books, students can:
• Log in to your bookshelf to view a comprehensive list of e-books.
• Search for a particular e-book and navigate between available subjects.
• Download one or more e-books.
• Access previously downloaded e-books using offline mode.
The SABIS® E-book Reader provides SABIS® students with a variety of tools and features that enhance their learning experience. Aside from viewing and navigating through the contents of an e-book, students can also benefit from:
• Multifunctional Toolbar:
o Access available multi-media resources such as images, videos and animations, audio files, and more.
o Practice interactive computer-correctable questions.
o Search for a specific word or multiple words within an e-book.
o Create and customize white pages and notes to be used as personal notepads.
o Create personalized bookmarks and quickly access them.
• Glossary: view the embedded definitions of a word within the pages of an e-book and listen to the proper pronunciation through the embedded audio.
• Dictionary: view instant definitions including embedded audio for proper pronunciation.
• Draw and Highlight Tools: insert shapes and add annotations in different sizes and colors using a highlighter or a pen.
• Quick Navigation: access different pages of an e-book through the interactive Table of Contents or the built-in “go to” feature.
SABIS® E-books efficiently streamlines the subject knowledge transfer to each student through a modern, user-friendly, and interactive educational experience.

What's new

Updates to SABIS® E-books include various enhancements and features that improve the overall user experience. The latest changes are:

Ability to add personal notes by typing within a white page

Ability to view the full list of e-books even if logged in offline

“Offline Mode” label added to indicate when a student is using the app in offline mode

Online video resources have been enhanced

An animated “Download” button has been added within the “Books to download” widget

Previous versions
  • SABIS® Digital Platform 2.0.39 APK (Update: 2019-09-09 09:20:16) Download
  • SABIS® Digital Platform 2.0.30 APK (Update: 2019-04-25 18:50:18) Download