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Книги Николая Старикова

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Nikolai Starikov - a writer, journalist, economist and politician. Wide popularity gained through his books, articles, a large number of appearances in the media, lectures and meetings, he regularly performs in his numerous trips to cities in Russia and abroad. Often it serves as a guest expert in documentaries and journalistic films and programs of Russian and foreign TV channels. He is one of the most widely read authors in the Internet, his personal blog nstarikov.ru keeps steadily high rates of attendance and citation in the Russian segment of the network.
"We live in a world where reality is determined by a newspaper article and picture on TV. No image - and the events there. Do not write the newspaper - and was not it. "
"The more the price of oil, the more the US prints the money, so the more resources the other countries give to Americans for free."
"Like it or not, a complete victory of democracy - it is a complete disaster for all" democrats "."
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"At all times, under all political rulers error corrected blood of soldiers and officers."
"Geopolitics - a confrontation between the great powers for control over resources. That's the whole point. This fight is infinite and has no end and no beginning. This enormous chess, in which the moves are made armies, parties and exchange rates. Human life in this game are not valued than ever. "
"The main and only the essence of world politics - it is a struggle for resources and control over them."
"The president of a great country to be the most polite man."
The application "Books Nikolai Starikov" includes works by:
- "Power";
- «Rouble Nationalization - the Way to Russia's Freedom»;
- "Who is funding the collapse of Russia? From the Decembrists to the mujahideen ";
- "Crisis: How to do it";
- "Stalin. We remember together ";
- "Who made Hitler's attack on Stalin";
- "Saving the dollar - the war";
- "Cherche la oil. Why do we pay tribute to America? ";
- "The nationalization of the ruble - a way to freedom of Russia";
- "How betrayed Russia";
- "1917. The answer is "Russian" revolution ";
- "Elimination of Russia. Who helped defeat the red in the Civil War? ";
- "Chaos and Revolution - dollar weapons";
- "Thus Spake Stalin";
- "Geopolitics: How to do it";
- "White Russia";
- "End the Fed";
- "Admiral Kolchak. Protocols of the interrogation ";
- "History of the Second Russian Revolution";
- "Stalin's Correspondence with Churchill and Attlee (July 1941 - November 1945)";
- "The judicial report on the case of the anti-Soviet bloc of Rights and Trotskyites";
- "How I misrepresented great history of our country";
- "Ruin heads. The information war against Russia ";
- "Ukraine: the chaos and revolution - dollar weapons";
- "Russia. Crimea. Story";
- "Unknown Revolution: Collected works of John Reed";
- "The process of the anti-Soviet Trotskyite Center (23-30 January 1937)";
- "Days. Russia in the Revolution of 1917 ";
- "Memories of the Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich Romanov";
- "The Way of a Russian officer";
- "Where faith and love are not for sale. Memoirs of General Belyaeva ";
- "Falsifiers of history. Truth and lie about the Great War ";
- "One textbook of Russian history from ancient times to 1917";
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