51 Shakti Peeth-शक्तिपीठ दर्शन

51 Shakti Peeth-शक्तिपीठ दर्शन

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According to Hindu mythology, where the pieces of the organ of Sati, hold clothing or jewelery fell, there came into being-there Shakti. These very sacred pilgrimage called. These pilgrimage spots are spread across the Indian subcontinent. The Devi Purana describes the 51 pilgrim spots.
         Devi Bhagwat Gita Devi where the 108 and 72 mentions Shaktipeeths While Shakti Tntrcudamani 52 are described. Devi Purana has been discussed in the course of 51 Shaktipeeths. Some of these 51 Shaktipeeths abroad and are distinguished by worship.
          It is known after the partition of India in these 51 Shaktipeeths 5 and also reduce the power back to 42 in India and today has ceased. Shakti went 1 and 4 in Pakistan in Bangladesh. In the remaining 4 Pito Srilnkamen 1, 1 and 2 in Nepal in Tibet.
Chortle Shaktipeeth ·
Ambaji Shaktipeeth ·
 Hrsiddhi Shaktipeeth · 
 Kanyakumari Shaktipeeth ·
 Krtoyagat Shaktipeeth ·
 Krvir Shaktipeeth ·
 K Shaktipeeth ·
 Kanchi Shaktipeeth ·
· Back Katyayani
 Kamakhya Shaktipeeth ·
Kalmadhav Shaktipeeth ·
Kalighat Kali Temple ·
 Vishalakshi Shaktipeeth ·
Kirit Shaktipeeth ·
 Gndki Shaktipeeth ·
 Guhyeshwari Shaktipeeth ·
Godavari Coast Shaktipeeth ·
 Cttl Shaktipeeth ·
Jnsthan Shaktipeeth ·
 Jubilee Shaktipeeth ·
 Jalandhar Shaktipeeth ·
 Citabhumi ·
Volcano Shaktipeeth ·
 Tripur beautiful Shaktipeeth ·
Tristota Shaktipeeth ·
 Devikup Shaktipeeth ·
Nndipur Shaktipeeth ·
Nalhati Shaktipeeth ·
Punch Sea Shaktipeeth ·
Prayag Shaktipeeth ·
· Mode Shaktipeeth
Barvprwat Shaktipeeth ·
Magadha Shaktipeeth ·
 Mnivedika Shaktipeeth ·
· Mood Shaktipeeth
 Pavagadh Shaktipeeth ·
 Mithila Shaktipeeth ·
Yashor Shaktipeeth ·
Yugadya Shaktipeeth ·
 Ratnavali Shaktipeeth ·
Ramgiri Shaktipeeth ·
Lanka Shaktipeeth ·
Vktreshwar Shaktipeeth ·
 Vibhash Shaktipeeth ·
 Virja Shaktipeeth ·
 Virat Shaktipeeth ·
 · Hard of vaidyanath Shaktipeeth
 Dunagiri Shaktipeeth ·
Shuchindram Shaktipeeth ·
· Research, Shaktipeeth
Mr. Mountain Shaktipeeth ·
Mr. Shell Shaktipeeth ·
Sungdha Shaktipeeth ·
 Chamunda Devi Temple ·
Maya Devi Shakti ·
Hinglaj Shaktipeeth
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