اكلات عمانية

اكلات عمانية

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Omani cuisine
The cuisine Omani pictures is the basis of the Gulf kitchen, which is what he was talking about history because Amanhi Waaqid present civilization in the Gulf region, including the emerging recipes and famous cuisine that we know today in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and other Gulf states, but no doubt that the Omani cuisine in Oman influenced by its neighbors and drew ideas from Indian cuisine also, the kitchen Zanzibari has a dramatic effect, we collected for you in this article group of the most famous Omani cuisine.
Omani cuisine Ramadan
Featuring popular dishes in Oman specificity of the next flavor of the rich Omani cuisine track a variety of special dishes that distinguish it from other kitchens, and which is gaining fame from private Omani spices that give it distinctive taste delicious. And varieties vary by region, and according to the seasons and occasions and holidays. In winter be eating fatty and is dominated by honey and ghee and dates and syrup. In the summer, eating low-fat shall be sometimes, devoid of fat, in which abound dried and salted fish, citrus, and less meat recipes and Omani cuisine.
Fragrant spices Oman: The mixes spices Oman are distinctive and vary depending on the dishes and occasions as well, and is added to all the Omani dishes, sweet and salty, and is also used to make tea and coffee, also used some of them as a medicine to relieve some of the pain, such as a mixture Alhuna that where mix all the spices after roasted on the fire and crushed and adding bees made from dates, Oman, and these are used for a long time and do not need to be saved in the refrigerator, there is also a mix seasoning Alqubola, and gravy.
Omani cuisine Ramadan
And mix gravy of broth fish vary, and unfortunately, these habits have been taken into decay in some areas, to be replaced by fast food, as the Omani media also contributed to the diversification of dishes, and the numerous books and cooking programs and the opening up of the Sultanate on the world increased from giving renewal this dishes on recipes and Omani cuisine.
List months Omani popular dishes
    Recipes and Omani cuisine
    Omani sweets
    Omani bread
    Omani cuisine Ramadan Khabeesah
    Omani barbecue (oven)
    Almilla Oman
    Grilling cuisine Omani Ramadan
    Omani vinegar
    Alverwanh Oman
    Alsalonh Omani cuisine Ramadan
    Recipes and Omani cuisine
    Almncb Oman
    Alqubola Oman
    Almjeen Oman
    Albulalait Omani cuisine Ramadan
    Almehraj Oman
    Alkotn Oman
    Busujima Omani cuisine Ramadan
    Alambslat Oman
    Recipes and Omani cuisine
    Kabsa Oman Omani sweets Ramadan
    Biryani Oman
    Omani bread mold Omani sweets Ramadan
    Light bread Oman Omani sweets Ramadan
    Omani Alrhall bread Omani sweets Ramadan
    Bread wafers Omani sweets Ramadan
    Omani sweets Ramadan mobile Bread
    Kpati Omani sweets Ramadan bread
    Almendazi Oman
    Alakecat Oman
    Pressed Oman
    Almzaroth Oman
    Alababloh Oman
    The sweetness of dates Omani sweets Ramadan
    Rabas Oman
    Alakecat Oman
    Omani cuisine
    Recipes and Omani cuisine
    Omani cuisine
    Mash the modus operandi
    omani halwa
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