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Description of Glory of War - Mobile Rivals

Glory of War is a military-themed free-to-play mobile multiplayer which is the return of online strategy war game , It takes place in the early history that Allied Forces battle an aggressive Soviet Union to control over the European mainland,and you will dominate your enemy with Commanders from the Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod.
You will take the position as the lead commander to build your war base, train the armies, upgrade your generals and call reinforcements from your alliance. There are three types of modern military services including navy, army, and air force. A total of 16 types of troops will follow your command. Call your elite troops of duty to fight against enemies on the global rivals with real-time strategic gameplay!
-Military Base
Construct and upgrade tons of buildings for your troops, resources, and defenses. Deploy the weapon of modern war from EM Pulse to Nuke. Design your perfect troop from apocalypse tanks, Kirov airship, longbow helicopters and more. Research new technology for cutting-edge tactics and weapons. Supply your commander with superior resources and power.
- Alliance Corps on rivals
Chat with world with global commanders in real time communication. Battle in corps war with up to millions other players as your alliance fights for control of the world. Share and expand territory for exclusive bonuses! You can call others of duty in the battlefield to dominate the action.
-Join or build an alliance
Join an alliance where you can get help from members, and obtain exclusive gifts
-Confrontational arena
Engulf other lords’ base as you expand your territory. Sweep the battlefield in huge real-time PVP matches! You will get the supreme honor in arena and world map.
-Strategic Deploy and Massive gameplay
Discover countless strategies and diplomatic choices. Beat enemies with variety of strategies for the rewards, Massive PVP,PVE and GVG wars, destroy and grab the resources of the enemy and capture the Oil Rig.
-Unstoppable game experience
✪Epic Story! Fresh immersive storyline packed with terrifying Invaders and stunning 3D graphics with real environment in World War II
✪Wage epic war on the interactive world map. All in-game action takes place on a single, enormous map inhabited by players and NPC characters.
✪Fast continual battles will keep you awake 24*7
Fighting for world domination now in a 3D mobile interactive strategy game !
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What's New with Glory of War - Mobile Rivals 8.0.0

[Update Contents]
1.New Interface:New welfare gift interface, new kind gift, better view.
2.New BOSS:Better view of The Steel Yuri,increase Boss weakness
3.New Skin:New Medical Vehicle Skin - Chrono Medical Vehicle Skin
4.New General: Epic.Marshall, Rare.Govorov,Furious.Timoshenko
5.New Function:Collection of general


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    Android 4.3 or later
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    Meiyou Game
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  • Glory of War - Mobile Rivals
    Glory of War 8.0.0
  • Glory of War - Mobile Rivals
    Glory of War 8.0.0
  • Glory of War - Mobile Rivals
    Glory of War 8.0.0
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    Dear team, My id didn't open. When I logging the game with Facebook its shows Facebook id error Please do need full.
    2020-10-01 01:55
  • avatar
    Auto log out when playing, please fix this problem
    2020-08-08 12:23
  • avatar
    This game now have many issues. Gems refresh map, gems taken but nothing happen. Map clock countdown not working. Customer service seems none existence. Issues reported, no solutions and developer don't even bother to read and reply.
    2020-07-26 02:29
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    It's fine but it seems like a shameless rip of of Empires and Allies and you use the EXACT SAME SOUND EFFECT FOR THE AIRSTRIKE as Empires and Allies
    2020-06-28 08:39
  • avatar
    I have a good internet connection but entering it game few minutes it will loading and disconnect poor game always I support you but you don't have a quality game.
    2020-06-05 05:39
  • avatar
    Love these types of games and this is going to be one of my FAVORITES!!!!! It is not super long on build times and is very interactive and nice graphics!!!!! Give it a chance and if you like these kinds of games this will be an AWESOME addition to the collection!!!!! OH YA!!!!!
    2020-05-19 10:46