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Arcade | 9.3MB | Update: 2018-01-04 | Version: 1.07 | Requires: Android 4.0 or later

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Tug Wars is an immensely fun game on mobile devices where you compete with your friends in an epic game of tug of war! Choose from a diverse roster of characters before each match, and tap your screen as fast as you can to pull the rope. Your friend will be doing the same, so may the best tugger win!
If friends are not easily around at the moment, challenge your fingers to Survival mode, where your character of choice is pitted against a black hole in a never ending battle to the death! Upload your timings to the rest of the world, and see who is the ultimate tugger of all!
Tug Wars is set in a world where the strange and bizarre are able to coexist together. They compete in a tournament where they are pitted against one another in the art of pulling rope. Each character has their own story to tell, their own arch nemesis, their allies and along with that their own special abilities. Take Long Cat for example, he was born, a cute and tiny sky (blue) cat in the heavens and set to march down to the world to find friends. The only way down was through rainbows that appeared in the sky. He took a long time to reach the ground, travelling through rainbow after rainbow. He steadily grew taller and taller as he thrived on the light of the rainbows. As he took his first step into the world, the rainbows did not wish for him to leave and left their imprint on him thus his blue fur being tinted the beautiful colours of the rainbow.
This is only one story of many. Play to find out more!
- Charming fun characters to choose from
- Diverse colourful backgrounds
- New character waiting to be unlocked!
- Juggle between game play power ups and power downs!
- Show off your finger dexterity and out-tap your friends!
- Upload your best single player scores onto the leader boards to compare with your friends!
Survival of the fittest!
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What's new

- Improve UI.
- Update balance for survival mode
- Updated power up to remove negative effects when pressed.
- Make survival game over screen more readable.
- Updated the way power down/up drops.
- Updated power down/up system in survivor mode.