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Description of The 5000 points

How to score:
•The Ace is worth 100 points.
•The 5 is worth 50 points.
•The other numbers (2,3,4,6), alone or by two, are worth 0 points.
•Three of a kind (in one role) is worth their number value multiplied by 100, either: 3 x 2 worth 200 points - 3 x 3 worth 300 points - 3 x 4 worth 400 points - 3 x 5 worth 500 points - 3 x 6 worth 600 points
•Watch out, the value is different with three aces: 3 x 1 worth 1100 points!
•Four of a kind (in one role) is worth the total value of the three of a kind multiplied by two.
•Five of a kind (in one role) is worth the total value of the three of a kind multiplied by four.
•When the five dice make a series of either 1,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5,6,
its worth 1500 points.
Important points:
The 5 is worth 50 points. The player must continue to roll the dice if their score ends in 50 points. The player then must re-roll only the dice that do not mark points to roundup their score.
How to play:
The first player rolls the 5 dice. They then count the number of points that they have made. They then decide to either keep the new points and end their turn or to roll the dice again and gain more points.
If the player decides to continue to gain points, they will re-roll only the dice that score 0. But, if the new roll scores 0, then the player loses his newly gained points and keeps his old score. If the five dice all score points, the player has the choice to re-roll all the five dice.
When the player decides to keep his points or when he doesn't get any new points, it is the next player’s turn.
To be able to add new points, the player must do at least 500 points in one turn. Then he’s ‘out,’ will be able to add at least 100 points on to his score.
If your new score is equal to an other player’s score, they are bumped to zero. This player must re-do at least 500 points to re-enter the game.
If your total score goes over 5000, then you must give your new points to the player with the lowest score, this player must have at least 500 points.
An example to better understand the rules in 5000:
At the first roll, you get [1,1,5,6,4] : your score is 250 points.
You’re unable to stop because first, your score ends in 50 points as well as you’re not yet out of 500 so you must continue.
You keep [1,1,5] dices and you re-roll [6,4] dices.
Your goal is to make a 5 so that you can get rid of the 50 and round up your score. The results give you [5,5], [1,x] and [1,1] but you must continue to reach at least 500 points. Be careful, you don’t mark 1100 points when you roll a third ace since you got 3 aces in 2 rolls.
You can play alone against bots!!!

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