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Description of Evoland

Evoland is an action adventure game which takes you on a journey through the history of classic adventure and RPG gaming. The game does NOT includes any Ads or In-app payments.
As you progress through the game, you unlock new technologies, gameplay systems and ever-improving graphics. From monochrome to full 3D graphics and from turn-based battles to real-time boss fights, Evoland makes you live the evolution of adventure gaming – all with plenty of humor and nods to moments from classic games.
- Play through the history of action-adventure video games
- Discover many evolutions, from old school 2D action/adventure to active time battles and full 3D action
- Revisit the starting area rendered in full 3D or explore the overworld with your own airship!
- And have fun with the dungeons, puzzles, a heap of secrets to uncover, and hundreds of achievements and stars to collect
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Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese

What's New with Evoland 1.7.7

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    Role Playing
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    Android 4.0 or later
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    o jogo é bom com o play pass quando acabou a minha assinatura fui comprar ele só da erro....esta na promocao 2,99 muito bom preco..quando parar de dar erro e eu conseguir comprar pelo valor da promoção dou Mais estrelas
    2021-09-16 02:57
  • avatar
    So, this is nice. Thanks devs.
    2021-09-09 11:44
  • avatar
    Not a fan of 4hr games and too little of too many play types too enjoy any of them
    2021-09-06 02:43
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    The first bit is interesting, even if other games have done it before. After that, it devolves into a generic RPG with TERRIBLE controls and badly placed save points (none before a boss, for example, after you've just gone through a long and frustrating section). The boss has a random weakness that isnt even hinted at and you basically have to find by accident. And as there's no way to dodge, it's pretty much a game of chance as to whether he kills you before you get to attack enough times
    2021-09-04 10:58
  • avatar
    I had some choice words for those disappearing tiles. I also got a jack of all traits master of non vibe from most of the combat sections. You never really fleshed out any of the 4 combat systems found within the game. Overall still a unique concept if not a little under utilised due to the total runtime of the game.
    2021-09-04 06:52
  • avatar
    Completed this game and I recommend it.
    2021-09-04 02:14