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6.29 for Android
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Description of ∞ Infinity Loop ®

Simple, relaxing, endless game. People love it!
∞ Infinity Loop is a fun way of increasing your logic skills. It can be considered a puzzle game about creating intricate looping patterns or just the application of using a simple concept: "connecting multiple things" and make fun out of it.
Some people say this game is a good puzzle game but with a great zen mode. The goal is to clear your mind, remove the stress from your daily life without any pressure or tension to solve the levels.
If you are looking for a stress relief or a relaxing game type, enjoy the loop!
How to Play Infinity Loop?
Connect all the lines and corners to make perfect connections. It is like killing chaos and reaching perfection. Watch the video to overview how it works. Check on youtube as well where several people post the solutions. Nonetheless, we suggest you to try to find yourself how the game works and what are you supposed to do.
How to Play the Infinity Dark Mode?
The goal of the dark mode is to make disconnections, breaking it all and not leaving a single piece connected.
How many levels the game has?
How can I save my game progress?
Make sure you connect the app with Google Play Games on the settings panel (the button is in the bottom of the gameplay). This way your progress won't be lost. If you face further issues reach us by e-mail.
Do I need to pay anything to play Infinity Loop?
No. The original game is 100% free. There is no need to pay anything for the original game. The game is free for unlimited levels.
I don't feel the game is challenging. Why?
The challenge for us would be making the game with increasing difficulty after a certain level while at the same time relaxing and allowing infinity levels. So how could level 100.000 be more difficult than level 10.000? It is hard. So as we cannot have the best in all worlds, we have opted to make it relaxing for now.
Note: This game is also available on Android Wear and Android Watches. And it's very fun as well!

What's New with ∞ Infinity Loop ® 6.29

- Small bugs fixed


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    There are hardly any ads(actually i dont even think ive gotten one) and the music and way its done is just all so smooth and relaxing. I'm so glad i downloaded this, its a really great time passer. And it's not just a cashgrab app that is loaded with ads and really cheaply made. 10/10 would absolutely recommend you download it.
    2020-11-28 04:10
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    This game is really fun I like puzzles and I think it's the best game for puzzles you never find the same puzzle and it's only made by 2 people so if they work on it more with more developers I think this is going to be the best free game in my opinion and it's friendly family 3+ and nothing bad in this game I think whoever is reading needs to download this game it's very relaxing and simple btw
    2020-11-27 08:15
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    Awesome!!!! I have no problems with this app. There are no glitches at all. It's intellectually advantageous in its own way. The final designs formed are lovely and make for cool wallpapers. Life is an infinite loop!!!
    2020-11-27 06:07
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    This game is awesome 🤟 I really like to play this game I play it every time I first saw the images I thought this might be some puzzle type ordinary game but when I played it I loved it very much 😘 There are three modes and all of them are really fantastic 🔥🔥😎
    2020-11-27 03:44
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    I love it, it's very complex and quite hard to win the levels on the game. But it also won't let me create a level of my own but I'll be fine. I like this game and I'm never gonna uninstalle it
    2020-11-25 11:43
  • avatar
    I have bad insomnia and struggle switching off at night, so last night I downloaded this game and omg! So simple but challenging! This has been really helpful and I thank the developer's for a good brain buster game. 😆❤
    2020-11-25 06:11