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1.01 for Android
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Michael Paul Gibeau

Description of Orb

Turn gravity off and on at your will. Attempt to ORBit randomly generated worlds filled with planets. Touching planets will reset your score multiplier. Try to stay off planets while orbiting them for as long as possible for high scores!
* Touch and hold the screen to disable gravity and fly in a straight line
* Release the screen to enable gravity and fall towards nearby planets
How to play:
Points are gained by orbiting planets without touching them. Touching a planet before completing a full orbit will reset your score multiplier and slowly subtract points from your overall score.
You may run on planets without any penalty for a short time after orbiting the planet. Be careful though, planets will explode seconds after a complete orbit. Try to plan ahead, and fly towards a new planet before your planet explodes!
If you are lost in space (no planets nearby) you'll need to reset and try again.
* Learn to control your character by disabling and enabling gravity at the right times
* Touching and holding will cause your character to fly away from a planet you are running on
* Flying too far away from a planet will result in a weaker gravitational pull making it harder to stay in orbit
* Flying too close is dangerous and can result in your character being slingshotted into space
* Arrows show distant planets so you can plan your next path

What's New with Orb 1.01

Fixed some button issues. Improved performance slightly for older phones.


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    Android 2.3 or later
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    Michael Paul Gibeau
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    Please add micro transactions and a tutorial and easier difficulties and make it so if I get lost in space aliens rescue me
    2015-06-17 07:06
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    Awesome game!
    2015-06-12 08:03