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Island Hoppers: Jungle Farm

0422.0 for Android
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Description of Island Hoppers: Jungle Farm

Welcome to the paradise island! Explore a mysterious jungle and build your own farmtown!
The secrets of a lost island, family drama, an intricately designed farm life, and landscapes straight from paradise bay await you in this explorer game!
Emily sailed to the family farm on the lost island to find her brother, only to then get tangled in an exhilarating whirl of jungle adventure.
In this farm adventure game, you help her as she develops her family estate on the farm island, makes friends with locals, and traverses picturesque ruins!
Join Emily on her island adventures where she explores paradise bay, discovers ancient mysteries and solves puzzles.
If stories are to be believed, a lost civilization once lived on this dream island, known for its cutting-edge technological advancements. For reasons unknown, it fell into ruin. Now is the time to find out what fate befell the ancient people who lived on the mystery island and discover their hidden treasure.
Cultivate valuable resources, join exciting expeditions, travel through the coral island to uncover the mystery of the ancient civilization and save Emily's brother— all in this jungle adventure!
● An intricate story
Throughout Emily's island adventures on the paradise bay, danger and surprises are always just around the corner. You never know what will happen next in this farm adventure game!
● The family estate
A large estate on the ocean shore is yours to manage. Furnish and decorate it as you progress in this coral adventure. Remember that a bountiful harvest and a high income grant you more resources for exploring the paradise island.
● Mental exercises
All the minigames, quests and puzzles this dream island has to offer assure you’ll never get bored!
● Secrets of the mystery island
What happened in this paradise bay eons ago? Why did an entire ancient civilization meet its demise? What lurks in the ruins? Uncover answers to all these questions as you delve deeper into this explorer game!
● Expeditions
These are not your average camping trips! Enjoy an exciting jungle adventure in the heart of the forest island in this story adventure game!
● Treasure hunt
Become a hidden treasure hunter and add valuable finds to your collection.
● Eye-pleasing design
Colorful and captivating graphics with attention paid to every detail brighten up the game, making it stand out from the crowd.
Let this exhilarating farm story distract you from the everyday fusses and bustle of life! Solve puzzles to continue the story and learn more about the mystery island. Emily, our brave hero, hopes that you will join her in the farm adventure on the paradise island.

What's New with Island Hoppers: Jungle Farm 0422.0

Maintenance Update
We've fixed some bugs and improved the game a bit: dusted off the ruins, painted the tropical butterflies and put some shine on the treasures.
The island is even more beautiful now!
If some playful monkeys steal your key items, or you just need our help, send an e-mail to [email protected]
Have a fun adventure!


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  • Island Hoppers: Jungle Farm
    Island Hoppers: Jungle Farm 0417.1
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    Island Hoppers: Jungle Farm 0415.0
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    Island Hoppers: Jungle Farm 0411.0
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    So far this is pretty good. I'm giving it a 4 but that could go up or down. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't end up being like the others where they want something done and never give you the energy .
    2020-10-18 06:19
  • avatar
    Add notification, save progress and make gameplay offline. The levers are to hard
    2020-10-17 09:36
  • avatar
    Good game but keeps erroring,very frustrating
    2020-10-13 09:16
  • avatar
    This game sucks because everytime you've worked to get something it takes it off you the next time you sign in or with an update. It's like taking one step forward then next time you play you've gone back 2 steps. Even when you've paid for something. It just wants to suck money out of you!! I am deleting! 👎
    2020-10-12 10:16
  • avatar
    I love this game. Love the graphics and the game play.
    2020-10-09 05:56
  • avatar
    Its such a shame, between game glitches and a slow very small energy bank, I have zero desire to play. I really like the puzzles and the story is cool but the other stuff really turns me off the game. May have to delete.
    2020-10-08 12:48