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The App has the following primary features :
- Wight Analysis tool - bmi calculator height for weight with age offline
It’s an ideal weight calculator that estimates the perfect weight according to height it does the calculation so you will not need a weight chart by age and height to know what’s the perfect weight for you
- Analysis tool : Calorie Calculator
it estimates the number of calories to consume daily to achieve the goal
you select. You can use it as a Calories counter to gain weight (Muscle weight) or as a fast Weight gain Calculator (Fat weight) or if you just want to maintain your current weight it can help you with that too
- Weight Gain Challenge Section
Weight gain is based on the same principle as weight loss and can be as challenging.
If you are still struggling and wondering how to get hourglass figure ? how to get bigger breast in a week ? how to get bigger buttocks and hips ? How to gain weight in 30 days for women ? How to gain weight fast tips for girls ? then this app is for you. it contains all the information, and many tools you need to start seeing impressive results
- Fast weight gain Formula
steps to gain weight in 30 days for girls and start seeing some good results.
This section is for you in case you want to quickly and don’t really mind if the gained weight is only fat
- Tips and tricks to gain weight fast and put on muscle (things to do to gain weight fast)
- Weight gain diet plan and foods Section
This section contains information about the Healthy diet to gain weight , the type of food to eat to gain weight fast and Healthy foods to gain muscle, it contains also many easy weight gain recipes offline with an example of weight gain meal planner for women And a high calorie foods list as well.
- A step by step weight gain exercise app for girls for a beautiful strong body and all you need to know about muscle building and weight gain for women, like the right Workout for skinny girls, the best curvy body workout
- Female fitness workout to gain weight and build muscle
Daily exercise at home to gain weight and get a full curvy body without cellulite, including Butt Workout, Buttocks Workout & Hips Workout, hourglass figure workout and general workout for underweight

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