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You want the world's weather at a glance? The temperature app for Android offers even more.
Features (Weather):
- Quick display of the current temperature
- Maximum and minimum value
- Celsius and Fahrenheit
- Indication of the position
- Street, house number, zip code and city
- Current weather conditions
- Humidity
- Wind with wind compass
- Wind direction and wind speed (m / s, km / h, mph)
- Sunrise.
- Sunset.
Properties (Styling)
- Multiple backgrounds
- Custom backgrounds
- Unlimited storage option
Features (Weather Search)
- Speech input in the search.
- You will find almost every place with street and postal code.
- You can find well-known places such as the Eiffel Tower.
- Unlimited storage option
- Google Maps support
- Navigate to your destination with Google Navigation
Features (send, sharing)
- Send a screenshot
- Send a picture or Selfie
- Send a text message
- Your position is also transmitted
- The link to Google Maps is also sent
- Send a fake location
(Advantage for stressed relations)
Translation into 6 languages
- English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese.
If you have suggestions for improvement, please turn to: temperature@ldevelop.com
We are happy about every positive rating.
Many fun with the app !!!

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