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To produce trendy and fashionable clothing, it requires a creative design or design from a designer. They must have a theme or concept before making a clothing design so that it is not wrong in the production process, after getting the theme or concept, just sketched it on paper. Speaking of fashion, perhaps there is not enough expression to describe how abundant the trend of women's clothing can be applied in everyday life. But you know, that to produce fashion that is trendy and fashionable requires a creative design or design from a designer.
Before entering the production stage, a designer must first determine the theme or concept as to what will be carried in his design outfit. After getting the theme or concept, then sketch it on paper so that it is not wrong in the production process. The design of fashion sketches or fashion sketching made by these designers is basically still in the form of drawings or drafts completed with black pencil, pen or other stationery. Where the main function of this design is usually only for the purpose of recognition.
Because the design of fashion sketches is made with the aim to introduce an outline or outline of fashion design, then the appearance is limited to simple lines, so that someone can display it quickly. For those who study in the field of clothing or are involved in the fashion world, the existence of fashion sketch designs is very important. Because the lines in a fashion sketch are usually able to speak more clearly about various forms and models of clothing compared to a series of words or sentences.
For the process of making your own fashion sketch, drawing talent from someone is very helpful. But remember, to make a quality fashion sketch design one must also know the proportion of the human body according to the proportion of fashion or fashion figure, not normal proportions. The presentation of the pressure lines on the sketches or fashion illustrations is also important to note that the resulting sketch design is clearer, easier for others to understand and can be realized in the form of real clothing. The point is that a lot of practice is needed to make sketches with various models (clothes).
For those of you who want to draw designs, you can sketch using pencil leads made of graphite. This pencil is very good to use and is available in several different sizes. Don't forget to keep making light lines, and don't press the drawing paper too hard.



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