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Information: Should you have login problems with a smartphone running on Android 10, please kindly check for the latest firmware updates. If there are an official android update available for your mobile, please kindly install it as this will solve login issues
Erste MobilBank
All our customers with access to our online banking and mobile banking services (hereon: NetBank and/or MobilBank) have been able to use our Netbank in a more convenient way as of 2019 July. Instead of an SMS text message service, the MobilBank application is used to verify if it is really you who’s about to enter your Netbank account or make transactions that require authentication. Due to new security features, from now on you can enter your Netbank account through the new MobilBank application as well.
With just a few clicks, you can initiate new transactions, manage your bankcards, view your account history, and check your account balance. There’s no need to establish a new contract to use Erste MobilBank, but it can only be accessed with an existing and active Erste Netbank account.
Main functions:
- Biometric authentication.
- Díjnet wire transfer.
- Primary account modification (for customers with general contracts)
- Simplified confirmation of transactions.
- Time-limited card spending limit.
- Mailbox.
- Account balance query.
- Account details.
- Transfer to an existing or new partner and transfer between own accounts (domestic HUF transfer).
After IP launch in 2/03/2020 transfers will be fullfild in seconds.
- Secondary account ID
(email address, mobile number, tax number, tax ID)
- Submit and receive payment request
How to activate and register the application
1. Download and run the application
2. Allow the application to display push notifications on your phone, make and manage calls, and access your location data.
3. Supply your Netbank user name and password.
You will receive an SMS text message with authentication code. Please, supply this by copying.
5. Create a six-digit mPIN. From this point on, you can access your account using the mPIN code.
6. If your device is equipped with this feature and you find it convenient, you can access the application by fingerprint authentication (biometric authentication). For this, you need to allow biometric fingerprint authentication on your device.
You are welcome to mail any questions or feedback related to the use of the application to our email address:



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نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android 4.1 or later


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