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FitMama – 5 Minute Fitness Workouts Just for Mothers
Lose weight and get your body back after pregnancy with our 5 and 10 minute quick, easy & safe fat-busting home workouts - no equipment needed!
• Safe & effective post-pregnancy workouts for home or on-the-move
• 5 or 10 minute Superset exercises to burn fat fast and lose baby weight
• Select your time, body area, pace and let FitMama track your fitness progress for you
FitMama’s fat-burning exercises can help you target and tackle your problem body areas if you’ve just had a baby and don’t know how to lose postnatal baby weight, or to simply shape up at home if you are a busy mum with little time to exercise.
Our 5 and 10 minute exercises are based on ‘Supersets’ - two exercises done back-to-back to lose weight faster, with no equipment required! They’re super quick to see results fast - ideal as part of your postnatal weight loss regime, diet or plan.
Finding your feet after pregnancy can be hard, especially if you are unhappy with weight gain after childbirth, so FitMama will be with you every step of the way, tracking your post-pregnancy exercise progress for you!
• QUICK : Supersets that fit into your busy Mum routine – just 5 or 10 minute post-pregnancy exercises
• BODY ZONE: Workouts to focus on each body area – Lower, Middle and Upper Body, ideal for the post-partum period and targeting weight loss
• PACE: Choose your ideal pace to exercise with your preferred workouts – slow, medium or fast, a relief if you’re tender after childbirth or breastfeeding
• TRACKS: Progress tracker to help your visualise and track your success, by week and month and you can share your exercise achievements on social media like Facebook.
• EXPERT: Fitness workouts adapted by fitness experts for post-pregnancy body problems – helping to tighten muscles, tone your body and shape up your baby belly, waist line, arms, butt, thighs, legs, hips and sore back, neck and shoulders
• EVERYDAY: No special equipment needed – just everyday items, easy workouts to fit in before the school run, in between work & home life routine, when playing with baby or children or even whilst watching TV!
• GUIDES: Beautifully designed step-by-step Visual and Audio instructions & prompts for every exercise, to make sure you’re doing each movement correctly. Includes a ‘Right and Wrong Way to Exercise’ section to avoid common exercise mistakes especially useful for postpartum stage after having a baby.
> You get all 7 workouts with 10 exercises for all body zones FREE!
> All functions – pick your exercise time, body zone, pace and GO!
> Workouts available even with no internet connection
If you tried FitMama ad want to get advertising free version with all XX exercises, no internet connection required and enjoy ALL exercises with regular & seasonal content updates!
So just pop into the App the same way as FitMama LITE, but this time enjoy ALL workouts and let FitMama track your progress for you!
Go FREE with In-App Purchases!
If you prefer small apps on your device (less memory taken) and fastest updates the day a new exercise Is launched, check our subscription for FitMama!



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