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This Guru Gobind Singh Live Wallpaper features a rotating 3D photo cube showing pictures from selected image.
This Guru Gobind Singh Live Wallpaper displays cubes of six images from selected image.
This app contains amazing and soothing images fully 3D live wallpaper depicting beautiful cube reacting to touch gestures.
You can rotate cube by swiping through your home screens - scene will change its rotation according to touches.
Guru Gobind Singh Live Wallpaper is the perfect live wallpaper.
Features -
1. You can manually change the cube images.
2. You can enabled or disabled the transparency of cube.
3. You can even enable or disabled the rotation of cube.
4. You can adjust the size of the 3D cube.
5. You can even increase/decrease the speed of vertical and horizontal axis of 3D cube.
6. You can increase or decrease brightness of cube.
Its performance is heavily optimized as it is created using OpenGLES with good memory handling.

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الإصدار: 3.1

نظام الأندرويد المتوافق: Android 4.0 or later



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