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Summary Hikmah Hikmah in Strengthening Confidence To The Divine In striking Makrifatullah (Sufi)
This application contains the On Sufi Wisdom, Heart in order to sharpen the Sufis Achieving Following Makrifatullah.
Sufi is a term for people who study the science of tasawwuf, the science of looking for devotion to God Almighty. Sufi term used by the whole world, and often Sufi is a term for people who accidentally left / does not depend on the life of the world except for basic needs only. Sufi practiced as a way to cleanse the soul and heart, draw closer to God.
Prominent Sufi leaders were widely known among other things:
Sheikh Sayyid Abdul-Qadir Gilani Al-Hasani
Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Al-Husaini (Al-Ustadz Al-Adzom)
Jalaluddin Rumi
Shaykh Sayyid Abul Hasan ash-Shadhili Al-Hasani
Sheikh Siti jenar
Shaykh Shohibul Faroji azmatkhan Ba'alawi Al-Husaini
Abu Nawas
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- Free Download Apps
- Can be run with or without Internet access
- File Applications extremely lightweight (+ - 7 mb)
- Display layout which is super nice
- Simple application
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