Induction Motor: AC Electrical Machines

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Induction Motor app which provides the basic theory of construction and types of motor. The MCQs and questions are provided to develop a solid foundational concept on the motor. The Induction motor calculators provide automation solution for Electricians, design engineers, fabrication designers and everyone in the industry with ultimate automation.
*** Introduction: In this section, the types and construction are provided. Attractive visuals are added which enables you to understand the physical design as well.
*** Speed: The concept of speed is provided. You'll understand what exactly do we mean when we talk about Speed of induction motors.
*** Slip: The concept of slip and its mathematical equations are provided.
*** Questions: Different questions on the induction motors their types, construction and drives are added. These questions are equally important for Engineering students who are studying the AC motors as well as for those who are/intend to work in the electrical industry.
*** MCQ: Couple of MCQs are added which help you test your skills. A good practice is to scroll through the question, guess the answer and then compare it with the correct answer.
*** Speed, Frequency, Pole Calculator: This induction motor calculator helps you find one of the three unknown quantities. Hit two quantities and press Calculate, you'll be provided with the correct answer.
*** Torque, Horsepower and Speed Calculator: Same as above.
*** Starting current calculator: This calculator enables you to find the starting current of the motor. Select the class of motor and hit Calculate, you'll be provided with the current.
*** Motor controls A symbols set which provide visuals on Induction motor starter control diagram.



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