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Welcome to Jokhana
Jokhana is an ancient and psychic technique of Eastern mysticism that uses the psychic reading of people which is practiced in eastern esoteric cult. This is a very old practice in Himalayan region of Nepal, India and Tibet.
The questions and answers comprised in this app are based on Eastern mysticism, mainly from Shamaism. Shamanism is a very popular psychic method in Hindu, Buddhist and Tibetan / Bon tantric cult. Here, we have listed 25 questions and their psychic predictions which will provide guidance in your various queries of day-to-day life.
The muhurta here are derived from Rudrayamal tantra. Rudrayamal tantra, in which jyotish is explained extensively, predates all the tantras. It was originated from Lord Shiva himself and hence is able to enlighten from all sorts of darkness in the three worlds.
In Nepalese version, we have developed Yearly, Monthly and Daily horoscopes based on Moon sign or Janma Rashi. Through this, you can get your horoscope instantly on your mobile.
This free app is user-friendly and doesn't take much hassle to use. Easy and within the reach as close as your palm, we hope to stay with you in every stage of your life and keep directing you whenever you find yourself in dilemma or difficulty. Even people without horoscope or kundali can seek correct answer to their life-queries by means of this metaphysical method.
We have developed this app in two languages, English and Nepali. As the app opens, choose the language of your preference. Then 25 questions derived from common life problems will be displayed on your screen as a Ask Jokhana. Choose a question. Then a diagram with symbols and numbers will be displayed. Tap on any symbol to find out the answer to your choosen question. The best part is that it is all free of cost.
This App is directed by Astrologer Dr.Suneel Sitaula. He is a highly experienced Astrologer and have provided astrological consultation services to thousands people worldwide since 1994.
Dr. Suneel has a program on astrology in TV since 2006. He also runs a radio program on astrology. He has appeared In the BBC in February of 2013. Dr. Suneel has also served as an astrological consultant in the five star hotels of Kathmandu. He has also been crowned with profuse titles including the JyotishVidyaShri in India, and VastuShree in Nepal.

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