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The Children's Police app is the most preferred application for parents, mothers, grandparents and older brothers to develop children's performance and reward them for their correct behaviors and try to correct their wrong actions by applying the Children's Police.
How many of us are trying to correct the performance and behavior of our children and direct them to the right, but with the passage of time and as the child grows up their behavior improves, but inevitably after a high and great effort and perseverance from parents to improve and change these behaviors, here we are the children's police game you have the latest application to reward your child When he performs sound and correct behaviors.
Let your child enjoy a private call and a fake call from the children's police to reward him for the right actions if they do it,
And the matter is that it is totally wrong for your child’s actions, as his child condition game will aim at informing your child of the mistake that he made through an imaginary way that is not real, and what punishment will be obtained if he does not improve his behavior and thus to the equivalent that he will receive from the child condition game if children are better To act, you must work on the reward for the child after correcting the behavior in order to maintain its relevance and trust the children's police are high and large.
We hope that we can help you improve the performance of your children, and we advise you to keep any promises you make to your children so that you and the police condition you maintain high credibility with your children.
Police Police game is a game that provides many dialects, including (Gulf - Saudi, Iraqi, Syrian Syria, Palestine, Jordanian, Egyptian dialect, Moroccan dialect, English language and separate sound for police sirens).
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