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Feel like you are in the broad meadow. You and your beloved one are lying on the soft grass and enjoying the beauties of the nature around you. The valley is magnificent with all those dark fir trees and one side of the mountain is under the shade. Pick up red and purple wildflowers and daises and make a stunning bouquet and you will be amazed with the vivid colors of it. If you wonder how to experience this it is pretty simple. Get the new magical app totally free of charge and visit the breathtaking places virtually. Tap the button and download the top Meadow Live Wallpapers and relax with the incredible photos in your favorite armchair. The scenery is breathtaking. The radiant green grassland spreads as far as the eye can see. Imagine that you are there breathing the fresh air and admiring the azure blue sky. The landscape reminds you of the one described in fantastic fairy tales. Embellish the screen of your phone with the popular pictures. Select from several different themes and enjoy the favorite one every time you unlock your device. With the latest Meadow Live Wallpapers you will discover the peace and tranquility of the intact nature.
Spend the weekend away from the city bustle. It will be beneficial for you to get away from the grey buildings and concrete. Spend magnificent time in the broad field bedecked with the carpet of magical red poppies and yellow wildflowers. The end of it is the beginning of the huge hill on which side you can enter the fantastic forest. With the best Meadow Live Wallpapers you will discover the magical spirit of the untouched nature. Add cool moving objects like balloons and bubbles and they will make the screen of your phone more spectacular. The ground is covered with bright gavel and there are rows of sensational lavender. Its fragrance spreads through the air, smell it. It is fantastic, isn’t it? Just across of it you can observe the grassland embellished with small bushes and trees. The mountain range can be seen in the far distance. Browse the pictures and find the one that attracts your attention the most and beautify your tablet with it. Suddenly you are in the broad field that spreads as far as the eye can see. The intense color of the yellow wildflowers brightens up your day. There is only one tree and it is in the middle. Give your phone a brand new look with the top Meadow Live Wallpapers.
Imagine that you are in the valley. The sky is pretty dark but you notice a sensational rainbow. Discover the child in you and be happy. The field is illuminated and you feel like you are in the fairy tale. Small cute daisies hide behind the tall grass. The heavy grey clouds have descended and filled the front part of the valley. Beside the best images, you will find cool moving objects like glow star, hearts as well as shine that can move on your screen all the time and make it even more special. Select the picture you like and tap once to preview the photo and hold to set it as the background. Sit on the small hill and observe the pasture in front of you embellished with delicate red poppies and download free the latest Meadow Live Wallpapers application to visit many other places like this one.
How to use the app:
o Go to settings and enable slide show option
o Browse the photos and select the one you like the most
o Just hold to set it as the background
o Choose your favorite moving object and adjust its speed and number
o Enjoy the amazing live wallpapers and show them to everyone



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