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You have been sentenced to death for murder in prison escape games. However, you didn't commit the crime. Discover the undiscovered way out of the jail and manipulate the prisoners and guards, use your skills and do whatever it takes to escape as it’s a case of prison survival mission, and maybe then you'll get a chance to prove your innocence.
Time is getting up and you’ve been hired as the spy on a mission to display the best prison escape scenario around as a heroic survivor in city jail escape & breakout games. Be very stealth survivor and escape hero in this prison. Do not have any weapons to use except the hidden & stealth power to fight the jail cops. You have chance to destroy their weapons and plan to search the gate to escape. Watch out and don’t come under surveillance cameras and detection lights, motion sensor tools & infrared rays in jail games.
They handcuffed you and sent to a high security prison for a crime that you’re not responsible of in prison escape games & your survival mission. In prison that sort's a sprawling labyrinth of gangsters, & drug dealers and thieves have to find way out by collaborating with them. But remember they are not your friends in lockdown and prison jail games. You’re among his fellow inmates, must rely only on yourself. Escaping can be hard and tough but not impossible in plan and flawlessly breakout games. Do perform tricky moves, grab the keys to unlock prison doors in prison games. Attack the fierce city prison cops and security guards that encounter.
Prison Escape Mad City Escape Games features:
Entire 3D models and jail environment to move & escape
Intuitive controls to make the gameplay user friendly
Multiple challenging breakout the jail missions
Epic action and thrilled levels
Realistic physics and damage control mechanism
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