Quick and Easy Recipes

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Quick and Easy Recipes
features hand-selected
to prepare recipes.
Included are top 10 best rated (in popular cookbooks, by magazines and top chefs) recipes for:
- Breakfasts
- Main Dishes
- Salads
- Dinners
- Soups
- Appetizers
Every recipe is described in three sections: About This Recipe; Ingredients; Directions; Easy as that. Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated and we help you to prepare great foods, with simple ingredients, and low calories.
Quantities are presented in imperial and metric units, but please note, that converting from imperial to metric isn’t always an exact science, but we did our best (numbers are slightly rounded up or down).
Let this free app be your simple and portable cookbook with great ideas for preparing quick and easy meals.
Two free PDF eBook gifts inside:
Simple Weight Loss Recipes and Cooking With 3 Ingredients or Less
Internet connection is needed to run this app, and since this app is free, we support ourselves by showing non-intrusive ads.

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