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Prayer Time Alarm (وقت الصلاة إنذار) App Offer Best and Accurate Prayer Timings,and Hijri Calendar Widget (التقويم الهجري القطعة) Best Islamic App of 2018
Prayer Time Alarm (وقت الصلاة إنذار) section or you can also say it Salaat/Salaah or Namaz Timings Alarm
This part of Prayer Time Alarm (وقت الصلاة) will help you maintain your Salat Timings all over world,around the globe accurately.
Prayer Time Alarm (وقت الصلاة) will automatically play
adhan or Azaan at the time of prayer.
Salat prayer timings is one of the most accurate prayer timing app of the market for Muslims or the followers of Islam.
Prayer Time Alarm (وقت الصلاة) will give you the accurate Fajar, Noon, Asr, Maghrib & Isha Timings of your city with detail Schedule & Timetable.


Hanfi and Shafi Settings
Prayer Time Alarm (وقت الصلاة) include two methods of calculation Hanafi and Shafi'i.

Alarms Settings
Prayer Time Alarm (وقت الصلاة)
will make you remind by Alarm notification at prayer time.

Season Settings
Set the season also to winter or summer.

Auto Profile Setting During Prayer Times/Salaah Times
Set your device in silent mood duration pray time and will automatically set its profile to default afterwards.

Universal Support All Cities WordWide
Prayer Time Alarm (وقت الصلاة)
supports prayer time of millions of locations around the globe. Just by changing the location, it will automatically show you the prayer timings of that area.
On the basis of locations selected, the time of prayers will be displayed accordingly. User can select the location by following options.

Available Location:
You can select the location of your city from the list saved in the database.

Detect Location:
User can easily detect his current location if internet and GPS is on.

User can also add location manually.

Ramdhan/Ramzan Timings Sehri Aftari
Prayer Time Alarm (وقت الصلاة)
Alarm you at the time of opening and closing of Ramadan day

Easy and Simple to Use Application Screen/Interface Following Islamic Art
All the graphics are designed in such away that it is representing the Islamic art.
Hijri Calendar Widget (التقويم الهجري القطعة) section or you can also say it Islamic Months Calender,Islamic Days Calender or Ramdhan Calender
Hijri Calendar Widget is on of the useful and productive tool in the form of a homescreen widget for Muslims and othersA very useful application for Muslim community. They can determine the proper days on which to observe the annual fast (Ramadan). Also good for knowing the days of attending Hajj, in addition to also know about other Islamic holidays and festivals.
Hijri dates were started from the day when Prophet Muhammad and Sahaba (His followers) travelled from Mecca to Medina. The journey from Mecca to Medina by Prophet Mohammad is called Hijrat, so the calendar is called Hijri calendar. All islamic events are organized by Hijri dates. Therefore it is important for every Muslim to have knowledge of Hijri date.


Easy to use interface:
It’s a user-friendly application with an eye-catching interface Following Islamic Arts ,Islamic Calligraphy and Colors. Use it and persuade others to make the most of it.

completely offline:
No internet required.

The app will give you the accurate Islamic months dates like Ramdhan,Shaban,Muharram,Shawal,Islamic Holidays,Eid-Ul-fitar etc.

support Ummalqura calendar:

View Hijri and Gregorian:
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Accurate Location Detection..Support a Large no of countries and cities.Best App of 2019



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